Global Green awards Gala

Global Green awards Gala

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Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith attend last night’s Global Green USA’s 14th Annual Millennium Awards held at the  Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica.  The awards:

recognize and herald those whose lives and livelihood embody Global Green USA’s mission of fostering a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure world.

Pierce has long been into environmental causes and recently ripped President Obama a new one with regards to the Whale slaughtering that still exists in Japan, Iceland and Norway despite his campaign promise to end it.

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Brosnan call to save the whales

Brosnan call to save the whales

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As British spy James Bond, Pierce Brosnan battled many fictional bad guys – but now the actor is fighting for a good cause: He wants to help save the whales.

In a new PSA for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Brosnan directly addresses President Barack Obama, telling him that "whales face more threats today than ever before" from everything from pollution to professional whalers to climate change.

"As a candidate you promised to end illegal whaling, and we applauded your leadership," says Brosnan. "But recent reports reveal your administration supports an international proposal, which gives Japan, Iceland and Norway the license to kill whales."


Brosnan wants ban on whale hunting

Brosnan wants ban on whale hunting

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Actor-turned-environmentalist PIERCE BROSNAN is urging U.S. government officials to take a stronger stand against whale hunting in international waters.

The Irish actor has become passionate about preserving marine life since narrating new Disneynature documentary Oceans, which explores the seas and what lies beneath them.

And he’s outraged after learning whale hunting has continued in Japan, Norway and Iceland despite a global whaling moratorium, which took effect in 1986.

The U.S. and other anti-whaling countries recently sought to strike a deal to create an international monitoring system to ensure a steadily-declining whale hunt.

But Brosnan wants officials to take a no-tolerance policy: “They (U.S. government) seem to be in favour of allowing Japan and Norway to go out and hunt whales again. It means they can go out there and start killing whales. It’s in moratorium so it’s not determined how many they can kill. Normally, there’s no justification for killing these creatures. Scientifically, there’s no justification. So if you want to do something about stopping the possible slaughter of whales, then you have to pick up the phone and call The White House.”

And the movie star hopes his new nature film will encourage youngsters to fight to save the world’s whales.

He adds, “That is why this film is so important to be seen. I think it will inspire many young people to do good things for the ocean… That is why I’m so passionate about this movie, so people can go see it and hopefully oppose this deal agreement.

“These creatures are in jeopardy once more.”

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Pattinson starstruck by Brosnan

Pattinson starstruck by Brosnan


Pattinson loved filming his new movie Remember Me — because he got to work with Pierce Brosnan!

The Twilight hunk admits he’s a huge James Bond fan and was in awe of the 56-year-old actor, who played 007 for a number of years.

“What Pierce brought to the script and the set was great,” says Robert. “But more than anything, it was so cool to work with a James Bond!

“I probably came across like a geek but it was great.”

In recent interview with Vogue magazine, Pattinson, 23, revealed that Brosnan has given a few tips on how to deal with his fans.

“I went out a couple of times with Pierce Brosnan,” said Rob. “He’s totally recognizable, and he makes no effort to tone it down.

“Some people were glancing over at us in the restaurant, and he just went over and introduced himself. And it does work. It dissipates all the attention.”

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Brosnan fights for the world

Pierce Brosnan is proud to be an environmentalist because the state of the planet is a cause he's willing to fight for.


Pierce Brosnan is proud to be an environmentalist.

The James Bond star says he cares deeply about what happens to the planet and is determined to fight for causes he believes in.

He said: "I stumble into politics from time to time, because I fight for the forests and the oceans. I am branded as an extreme environmentalist. Of that I am proud."

The 56year-old actor also revealed he would place huge importance on education if he was to be made Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Pierce - who plays British leader Adam Lang in new movie 'The Ghost Writer' told website kurier.at: "In the film I just acted as an actor and asked myself, 'What if I were to be Prime Minister?'

"And if I was, I would concentrate on the teachers and pay them as they should. Everything begins with the ABC of life. It's about the education of our children. But that is another story. The prime minister in the movie is a tragic Shakespearean figure. The empire falls, the crown is gone, the knives are sharpened, the mask falls.

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Hope for Haïti

Brosnan for Haïti


A panel of stars including Pierce Brosnan, Ringo Starr and Julia Roberts look on as George Clooney presents the Hope for Haiti Now telethon, which has raised more than $57m (£35m) to help survivors of the earthquake.

 More than 100 A-list celebrities from music and film took part on Friday night, helping to raise a total that represents a record for disaster relief telethons.

 In Haiti, the death toll has now climbed above 150,000 in the capital, Port-au-Prince, alone.