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A letter from Pierce to start the New Year 2006


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Greetings and Happy Holidays.

 I am currently in New Mexico finishing a picture called Seraphim Falls with Liam Neeson and Angelica Huston for Icon Entertainment. It’s a period piece set in the post-Civil War era (hence the beard), written and directed by David Von Ancken. My new film The Matador opens in Los Angeles and New York December 30th, nationwide January 6th. I'm honored to have received a Golden Globe nomination for my performance and I hope you enjoy this latest offering from Irish DreamTime. Irish DreamTime is also busy developing several projects at the moment. First up in the New Year is a thriller called Butterfly on a Wheel, which we feel has great potential. We will also be co-producing a film called The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, in partnership with Danny DeVito and Morgan Freeman. Some of you may recognize the title from the book of the same name. Danny has done an excellent job adapting the book, a period piece set in 1832, and is also going to direct the film; we are trying to persuade him to appear in the picture as well. My heart goes out to all the souls affected by the recent tragedies around the world. In the spirit of giving this holiday season, please consider making a donation to those who need it most - click here to visit the American Red Cross or Unicef. May the spirit of the season fill you with love, joy and peace throughout the New Year.


Warmest regards,




16th of January Golden Globe Awards

Pierce Brosnan nomination

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16th of January
In Beverly Hills zijn gisteravond de Golden Globes 2006 uitgereikt. De grote winnaar was 'Brokeback Mountain' van regisseur Ang Lee. De film kaapte vier prijzen weg: beste film, beste regisseur (Ang Lee), beste scenario en beste origineel lied.
'Walk the line', een film over het leven van Johnny Cash, won drie Golden Globes: beste komische film of musical, beste acteur in een komische film of musical (Joaquim Phoenix) en beste actrice in een komische film of musical (Reese Witherspoon). De prijs voor beste acteur ging naar Philip Seymour Hoffman voor zijn rol in 'Capote'. Beste actrice was Felicity Huffman voor de rol in 'Transamerica'.

De beste buitenlandse film was 'Paradise Now' en Anthony Hopkins kreeg een award voor zijn hele carrière.


Pierce Brosnan did not get the award for best actor in a comedy.


Pierce & Keely @ the Golden Globes 2006



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23 th of January


Pierce Brosnan says no to play Remington Steele

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Irish actor PIERCE BROSNAN has ruled out starring in a film version of his 1980s TV show REMINGTON STEELE, because he believes it would take his career backwards.

Brosnan, who shot to international stardom as Steele before playing JAMES BOND, is still in talks with his film company Irish Dreamtime about bringing the movie to the big screen.

But, at 52, he insists he's too old to play the role again.

He says, "I'm too old to play him right now.

"I don't want to go back there. I've been there and that's where I started."


"Het productie huis van Pierce Brosnan 'Irish Dreamtime' is momenteel in bespreking om de populaire tv-reeks Remington Steel naar het witte doek te brengen.

Pierce Brosnan heeft op de leeftijd van 52 jaar bedankt om de rol van Steel terug op zich te nemen. Hij voelt zichzelf te oud daarvoor op dit moment en hij wil niet teruggaan naar iets waar zen carrière mee begonnen is. Het zou zijn carrière achteruit brengen ipv meer toekomstgericht."




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