April 2006

Newsletter from Pierce Brosnan

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April 22, 2006

Dear Friends:

Spring greetings to you all.

I am currently in Vancouver working on Butterfly on a Wheel, a psychological thriller starring Maria Bello and Gerard Butler. My production company Irish DreamTime is also going full steam ahead on The Thomas Crown Affair sequel and we are in the planning stages for filming in Europe and New York City.

Please check your local PBS listings for a six-part documentary I narrated called Jean-Michael Cousteau’s Ocean Adventures. The series illuminates the great need for better understanding and sustainable management of the oceans' rich natural treasures.

In January I wrapped principal photography on Seraphim Falls, a period piece set in the post-Civil War era, written and directed by David Von Ancken. I was thus able to shave, at long last, the beard that I was wearing for the role. My wife Keely was elated.

The Matador will be released on DVD on July 4, 2006. If you’d like to reserve an advanced copy, please click here.

Stay tuned - I hope 2006 finds you and yours, happy, healthy, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Love and only love,




25th of April 2006   Pierce Brosnan reveals his dark side


source + P.B. interview : http://entertainment.tv.yahoo.com/



After receiving a Golden Globe nomination for his comedic turn as a middle-aged assassin facing a mid-life crisis in 'The Matador,' PIERCE BROSNAN is taking on the gritty role of a kidnapper who pulls a family apart in the independent thriller 'Butterfly on a Wheel.'


"[The title suggests] using extreme force to crush something that is very fragile," says Pierce.


In his new film, which the star describes as a "tight thriller," the story revolves around a happily married couple whose life unravels when their daughter is abducted. Over the course of a day, the kidnapper -- a cold and calculating sociopath -- dismantles the family's lives with brutal efficiency.


Look for a very different Pierce to emerge, as the actor is seeking darker roles following his successful run as super-agent 'James Bond.'


"At this point in my career, everything's open," he tells ET. "When you have a TV show or a franchise, you have a safe haven, more or less. But when you don't have either of those, you look for the best possible roles with the best possible directors to work with. I'm still passionate about what I do and love
what I do."


And now that British actor Daniel Craigyear=""> has been confirmed to take over the part of James Bond,
Pierce -- who faced tough critics when he stepped into the super-spy's shoes -- feels naysayers are "being brutally unfair to the man. I think he's a fantastic actor and he'll do an outstanding job as Bond. I wish the guy well," says the former 007.


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