July 2006

July's Newsletter from Pierce


July 17, 2006

Dear Friends:

Summer greetings!

I hope wherever you may be you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying the great outdoors.

I just finished a very brief vacation with my family and am now in Vancouver working on a new film titled Marriage, co-staring Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, and Rachel McAdams.

My production company Irish DreamTime is still going full steam ahead on The Thomas Crown Affair sequel and we are in the planning stages for filming in Europe and New York City.

Please check your local PBS listings for a six-part documentary I narrated called Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Adventures. The series illuminates the need for better understanding and sustainable management of the oceans' rich natural treasures. I also want to congratulate my friend Jean-Michel who after arranging a private screening of his documentary for President Bush, inspired the President to designate 140,000 square miles surrounding the northwestern Hawaiian islands as the worlds largest marine sanctuary.

This fall look for Seraphim Falls, a period piece set in the post-Civil War era, co-starring Liam Neeson and myself. In early 2007, Irish DreamTime and Icon Pictures will release the psychological thriller titled Butterfly on a Wheel, co-starring Maria Bello and Gerard Butler.

Lastly, The Matador has just been released on DVD and it’s currently #1 for DVD rentals. If you’d like to order a copy, please click here.

Stay tuned for more movie news.

Love and only love,




27th of July

Brosnan Signs up to model for Aquascutum


source : www.contactmusic.com




PIERCE BROSNAN has signed up to appear in an advertising campaign for fashion house Aquascutum.

The former JAMES BOND actor will appear in a series of print ads alongside German-born beauty JULIA STEGNER. An Aquascutum spokesperson says, "For the autumn/winter 2006-7 campaign Aquascutum is inspired by tradition and ritual, chivalry and glamour, the power of the city of London an the lifestyle of success. "Shot by photographer MARIO SORRENTI and styled by ANDREW RICHARDSON, the campaign explores a sensual and modern phenomenon, 'The Power Couple', and their lifestyle.

 "Power is a potent aphrodisiac and the campaign plays with this compelling dynamic casting Pierce and Julia as the ultimate power couple."

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