May 2007

  4th of May ; Pierce soon  filming in Istanbul

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Pierce Brosnan set for filming in Istanbul for The Topkapi Affair
Pierce Brosnan is likely to appear in Istanbul soon to film the sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair, according to recent reports.

Entitled The Topkapi Affair, studio officials and film producers have agreed to shoot the principal scenes in Istanbul, possibly featuring the famous Topkapi Palace.

Despite the film's name, principal photography was previously mooted for Greece - until the Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) corporation heard about the plan, according to the Today's Zaman newspaper.

A meeting between TRT and MGM Studios convinced the filmmakers to stage the production in Istanbul, following a showing of the 1964 film Topkapi, which starred Peter Usintov amid a picturesque Istanbul setting.

However, it is unclear at this stage if the Topkapi Palace itself will appear in the production, or if a set will be constructed instead.

A number of films have taken advantage of Istanbul's unique backdrop, not least the Bond films. Both From Russia with Love and The World Is Not Enough - the latter of which starred Pierce Brosnan - have featured Istanbul heavily in filming.





Wednesday 16th of May!!!

Pierce Birthday


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18th of May

Statement of Pierce & Keely




for an official statement regarding


May 18, 2006
Statement from Keely and Pierce regarding the BHP LNG Terminal proposal:





29th of May

Newsletter from Pierce



Dear Friends,


I'm currently in rehearsals in London, for the film version of the popular musical Mamma Mia. The film, which begins principal photography this summer in London and Greece, is being directed by Phyllida Lloyd who also directed the original stage production in 1999. I saw the show in London and New York with my family and found it a joyful experience. Both shows played to packed houses and both casts brought the house down.

I'll be working with one of America’s most talented and beautiful actresses, Meryl Streep, whose work has always inspired me. I’m looking forward to spending time with the other gifted cast members too, including: Amanda Seyfried, Julie Waters, Christine Baranski, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard.

Married Life, an ensemble piece, written and directed by Ira Sachs and starring Christopher Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Patricia Clarkson and myself is due for release this fall. The film is a period piece set in Seattle in 1949, and is a story we can all relate to, one of love and marriage, secrets and sorrows.

For anyone who missed Seraphim Falls, an epic action/thriller set against the backdrop of the American Civil War starring Liam Neeson and myself, it is now available on video and DVD. The film was written and directed by David Von Ancken, and is a visceral study of revenge and the aftermath of war. Shot entirely on location in Taos and Santa Fe, I hope the raw brutality and savage beauty Seraphim Falls will leave you on the edge of your seats.

After completing Mamma Mia, Irish DreamTime will go into production on the sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair. We have been scouting locations in Europe and the Middle East and I’m thrilled to be stepping back into Mr. Crown's shoes.

Stay tuned for more movie news!

Love and only love,

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