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23th of June

Pierce Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Summer is here and so are summer movies... and I just happen to be in one. I attended a screening of "Mamma Mia" last night and was very pleased with the picture. Meryl rocks! It’s marvelous to see this legendary actress kick up her heels and shine as she serenades us with her superb voice. Additionally the world has a new star in Amanda Seyfried who lights up the screen and has the voice of an angel. I am very proud to be part "Mamma Mia" and as I head off to New York to start the promotional tour for this film I can honestly say it’s a good night out at the movies. So go, have a laugh, and revel in the songs of Abba.

Next up I will be in New York making a movie called "The Greatest" with my production company Irish DreamTime. It is written by a young woman named Shana Feste who will also be making her directorial debut. The talented and beautiful Susan Sarandon is cast to play my wife in this drama about a family who tragically loses their son in a car accident only to find that the young girl he was with that night is now carrying his child. It is a complex study of love, grief and forgiveness.

This Fall I'm off to Berlin to start a picture with renowned director Roman Polanski based on the book by Robert Harris "The Ghost." The talented ensemble includes Nicholas Cage, Tilda Swinton and Kim Cattrall. So having had time off with my wife and children for the last few months I'm now busy and excited by the work ahead.

I hope you all have wonderful and happy summer. Be safe. Do good things.


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