Brosnan "icon" for Gay world


Brosnan chosen @s "Icon" in Gay world above 50years old

source ; www.contactmusic.com

PIERCE BROSNAN  has seen off competition from fellow actors BRUC

E WILLIS and RICHARD GERE to land the title of most popular gay icon over 50 years old.
The former James Bond actor took 33 per cent of the vote, compared with Willis and Gere, who took 25 and 14 per cent respectively, while Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford and Lethal Weapon star Mel Gibson scooped fourth and fifth places respectively.
The Queen actress Helen Mirren topped the most popular lesbian icon list with 32 per cent of the poll. Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep claimed second and third places with 28 and 25 per cent respectively, whilst the top five was rounded out by Goldie Hawn and Dolly Parton.
The poll was compiled by online dating agency gay-PARSHIP.co.uk.

Brosnangirl says ; "My 3 favourite actors make the top 3"

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