Thomas crown 2 ; Jolie asked to....


Jolie asked to pile up two stone for 'Thomas Crown Affair' sequel

source ; londennews.net

London, July 24 : Angelina Jolie has been told to put on two stone for her role in the new film 'The Thomas Crown Affair 2', it has emerged.

The bosses of the film, which will be produced by Pierce Brosnan, don't want a repeat of what happened when the actress made action flick 'Wanted' (the super-skinny Jolie fainted on set), say sources.

"Ideally they want Angelina to put on two stone for the role. It is going to be very physically demanding, which is why they want her to carry the extra weight," the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

"They don't want a reprise of what happened with Wanted, where she was fainting and they had to take her costumes in.

"She was also slated for being too skinny to portray an action woman, and for Thomas Crown they want a convincing female lead.

"Hopefully, she will take them up on it - a few extra pounds wouldn't hurt her," the source added.

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Mamma Mia! beats Wall-E


Mamma still tops Boxoffice (UK)

WALL-E has entered the UK box office charts in second with Mamma Mia! holding firm in pole position.

The new Disney/Pixar animation took £4.25 million in its first three days on release to debut in second in the UK and Ireland, but was unable to repeat its chart-topping transatlantic success in Britain.

The film, which tells of the last robot on earth, had been Pixar's ninth straight number one film in the US, equalling the opening takings of Monsters Inc.

However, Mamma Mia!, starring Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth, retained the number one spot with £4.6 million in its second weekend on release.

The West End adaptation tells of a young girl (Amanda Seyfried) who, on the eve of her wedding on a Greek island, invites the three men who could be her father - Brosnan, Firth and Stellan Skarsgard - to the wedding.

Reuniting the original stage team of director Phyllida Lloyd, producer Judy Craymer and writer Catherine Johnson, the movie uses 22 Abba songs and has been a stage hit across the globe.

Eddie Murphy's new comedy Meet Dave was the second highest new entry in the UK, at five, while British thriller Donkey Punch entered at number ten.

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Brosnan Governor of "Phillipines island"

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Brosnan narrator "Thomas the Tank" dvd

Brosnan narrates new "Thomas & Friends"dvd

The All New, Direct-to-DVD Release Thomas & Friends™: "The Great Discovery - The Movie" with Pierce Brosnan as New Narrator Is the Biggest Event of the Year for the #1 Preschool Brand From Lionsgate® and HIT Entertainment

Los Angeles/New York (PRWEB) July 21, 2008 -- Everyone's favorite blue engine puffs into new and uncharted territory in Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery - The Movie, the first-ever feature length Thomas & Friends DVD release, and the first Thomas title narrated by Pierce Brosnan. Available September 9, 2008 from Lionsgate® and HIT Entertainment for a suggested retail price of $19.98, young engineers will meet a new engine named Stanley and follow Thomas on his greatest adventure yet. Also featuring favorite engines James, Duncan, Gordon, Emily, Percy and Edward, and coaches Annie and Clarabel -Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery - The Movie introduces five new original songs, including the new dance-along music video "Thomas You're the Leader" featuring Thomas and his friends.

With his enduring grin, cheeky personality and expressive eyes, Thomas and his Really Useful Engines - each with their distinctive personalities - have captivated children everywhere with their timeless life lessons of discovery, friendship and cooperation. Thomas the Tank Engine has over 60 years of rich history, and Thomas & Friends ranks as the #1 brand for preschool boys in both toys and entertainment.

The Great Discovery movie is the biggest Thomas & Friends event of the year. Great Discovery-themed toys and licensed product will be available at retail this fall and will continue to be promoted throughout the Holiday season.

Join Thomas in his biggest adventure yet. One day, while racing James across the Island of Sodor, Thomas discovers Great Waterton, a long-lost deserted town high in the mountains. Everyone on the island is thrilled with his discovery and Sir Topham Hatt, controller of the railway, declares that the town will be restored to mark Sodor Day.

Thomas is given the important job of overseeing the restorations. While Thomas is busy, a new engine arrives on the Island - Stanley. Stanley is similar to Thomas only a bit bigger, a bit stronger and in Thomas' eyes a bit more popular. Thomas feels his position as the Island of Sodor's #1 engine is under threat and he decides to play a trick on Stanley to make him look silly. The plan backfires, and Thomas finds himself in trouble. While lost, Thomas stumbles into an action-packed adventure down an old mineshaft, along a raging river and leaping over huge mountainous chasms.

Sir Topham Hatt orders the biggest search ever and who should come to Thomas's rescue, but none other than Stanley. On the way back to town Stanley breaks down and now it's Thomas's turn to do the rescuing. The two engines make a great team and with their friendship now on track Stanley and Thomas finish the restoration of Great Waterton in time for Sodor Day.

•    Behind-the-Scenes featurette with Pierce Brosnan
•    Learn With Thomas featurettes:
o    "Spot the Difference"
o    "Tough Trucks"
o    "Thomas Puzzle Parts"
•    "Thomas You're the Leader" music video

Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery Movie DVD is recommended for ages 2-5 and is approximately 60 minutes. It is closed captioned and Spanish and French audio tracks are available as menu options. Visit www.thomasandfriends.com.

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Brosnan fancied Streep

Brosnan reckons the Mamma Mia! star is hot


Pierce Brosnan once had a crush on his Mamma Mia!co-star Meryl Streep, 59.

And he signed up for the film as soon as he found out she was in it.

‘When the gig first came in and they said “Meryl Streep, Greece”, I just said “I'm in.”,’ he tells Weekend.

‘I didn’t have a clue about what it was about. Just that Meryl, the blonde I fancied a lot as a young lad at drama school, was in it

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Brosnan "icon" for Gay world


Brosnan chosen @s "Icon" in Gay world above 50years old

source ; www.contactmusic.com

PIERCE BROSNAN  has seen off competition from fellow actors BRUC

E WILLIS and RICHARD GERE to land the title of most popular gay icon over 50 years old.
The former James Bond actor took 33 per cent of the vote, compared with Willis and Gere, who took 25 and 14 per cent respectively, while Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford and Lethal Weapon star Mel Gibson scooped fourth and fifth places respectively.
The Queen actress Helen Mirren topped the most popular lesbian icon list with 32 per cent of the poll. Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep claimed second and third places with 28 and 25 per cent respectively, whilst the top five was rounded out by Goldie Hawn and Dolly Parton.
The poll was compiled by online dating agency gay-PARSHIP.co.uk.

Brosnangirl says ; "My 3 favourite actors make the top 3"

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Brosnan "Kelli Gillespie interview"

Brosnan "Kelli Gillespie interview" about Mamma Mia!


click on the link

Kelli Gillespie's interview with Pierce

Interview Brosnan for Movies.ie

Interview Pierce Brosnan for Movies.ie

interview Brosnan starts @ 3.45 minutes

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"Mamma Mia!" Cast interview (begin July)

Another amazing interview

with cast of "Mamma Mia!"



Video "Southhampton screening "Mamma Mia!


Southhampton screening of "Mamma mia!" and the Breastcancer foundation

last July 15th

Pierce Brosnan avatars "Brand new"

Brand new

Pierce Brosnan avatars

(on the right side of my blog)

made by "me" aka "Brosnangirl"

hope you like themKnipogen

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Brosnan exclusive spotted "New York


Exclusive ,Brosnan spotted in New York

source ; the web

Pierce already started filming " The Greatest" with Susan Sarondon  this week .


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Brosnan about his dancing moves (interview)

Brosnan about his dancing moves in "Mamma Mia!"


Interview Pierce "artisan news"


Artisan interview with Pierce

click on the picture below

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Kissable Brosnan ;-)

Mamma Mia's Pierce Brosnan: 'Outrageously' Kissable


He may no longer be Bond – but Pierce Brosnan still leaves ladies shaken and stirred.

"Total smooch factor!" That's how Mamma Mia!'s director Phyllida Lloyd described his appeal as she made her way into the movie's New York premiere Wednesday night.

"He's incredibly smoochy," concurred producer Judy Craymer, who created the idea for both the Broadway show and the film. "There isn't a 15-year-old or an 85-year-old who doesn't love Pierce."

Not surprisingly, Brosnan's wife, Keely Shaye Smith joined in the chorus of coworkers singing his praises.

He has "outrageous" kissability, she gushed of her 55-year-old hubby. "If they only knew!"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Brosnan drives "green"


Pierce drives "green"

More hydrogen-porn to go along with your morning coffee!

Last Thursday, the premiere of the new musical film Mamma Mia! was held in NYC and hitting the red-carpet with some green wheels were Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. The former 007, and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, were the first to pull up to the red carpet in their BMW H7 - the world’s first hydrogen car for everyday use. Following close behind was Streep in her own silver BMW H7.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Brand new Background "Brosnan"


Brand new background ,starting today

I hope you like it ;-)

ps ; please sign my guestbook on the left ,I would really appreciate it

thx for the amazing number of visitors !

greetz Brosnangirl


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"Mamma Mia"soundtrack irresistible for fans

Mamma Mia! soundtrack irresistible

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Two days before "Mamma Mia!" opened in North American theaters, the soundtrack to the ABBA-inspired musical romance charted higher than any ABBA album.

The Decca Records release opened at No. 7 on the U.S. album chart Wednesday. If the buzz is any indication, the soundtrack is going to sell a lot of copies once people see the film. The album features new versions of ABBA tunes performed by the cast, including Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Pierce Brosnan.

Between 1974 and 1993, 11 titles by the Swedish quartet debuted on the Billboard album chart, and none went higher than No. 14, "The Album" (1978). The last of those 11 albums was "ABBA Gold," which peaked at No. 63, though it did have the longest run of any ABBA album in America, remaining on the tally for 104 weeks.

Brosnangirl says ; It really is the bomb!!, the soundtrack is amazing!! real party music! I love it!

Go buy it and enjoy!

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Mamma mia "Worldwide" today!!

Worlwide in theaters today!!

18th of July 2008



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Pierce Brosnan "interview" (DE)

Pierce Brosnan interview

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New York première "Mamma Mia!"pics


New York première "Mamma Mia!"

16th of July 2008


more pics ;

click on button "P.B. pics"

on top of the page!!


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

pierce brosnan,mamma mia,new york ,premiere

Pierce & skateboarding sons

Pierce,Dylan Thomas & Paris Beckett

source ; contactmusic

Pierce Brosnan pays a visit to FAO Schwarz toy store with his two sons, Dylan Thomas, 11, and Paris Beckett, 7, in New York City on Tuesday.

Both Dylan and Paris picked out brand spanking new skateboards.

Pierce, 55, is in town to promote his new movie musical, Mamma Mia!, out this Friday. The film is under heavy competition this weekend because the new Batman film, The Dark Knight, is also being released at the same time. Go out and see both movies this weekend!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


DeVito directing Pierce Brosnan...

Danny DeVito to direct 'Confessions'

Danny DeVito will direct Saoirse Ronan, Morgan Freeman and Pierce Brosnan in the family adventure "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle."

Although he will not appear onscreen, DeVito has written the screenplay based on the novel by the author who writes under the name Avi. The 19th century-set tale centers on a young girl (Ronan) who joins in a shipboard rebellion.

Ronan, who earned an Oscar nomination for "Atonement," will next be seen in "City of Ember" and "The Lovely Bones." Freeman appears in "Wanted," and Brosnan will be seen in "Mamma Mia!" which opens Friday.

HandMade Films is financing along with Plaza Productions International, a New York-based property and hotel group that is part of Isaac Tshuva's El-Ad U.S. Holding. The full lineup of production entities involved also includes DeVito's new banner Jersey Films 2nd Avenue (a successor company to his Jersey Films), Freeman's Revelations Entertainment and Brosnan's Irish DreamTime.

Michele Weisler, Lori McCreary, Beau St. Clair and Patrick Meehan will serve as producers with Thomas D. Adelman and Hawk Koch as exec producers. Koch also will serve as line producer.

HandMade Films International is handling worldwide sales, with CAA managing U.S. rights.

Filming is set to begin in September for 2009 release.

Today Première New york "mamma Mia"

16th of July


Mamma Mia! the movie

in New York

Pierce will be present!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Pierce Brosnan @ the daily show

Pierce Brosnan

tonight (15th of July)


the Daily show with Jon Stewart

more info


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Letterman interview with Pierce Brosnan

David Letterman interview with Pierce

14th of July


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"Mamma Mia!"tops box office!!! (UK)

Nr°1 boxoffice

Mamma Mia! topped the British box office after its opening three days, knocking Will Smith off the No.1 spot after just a week.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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"Mamma Mia" cast interview!!

"Mamma Mia!"

Cast interview

Streep,Firth & The handsome Pierce Brosnan



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Exclusive" Scoop interview" with Pierce

Pierce Brosnan interview

with "Scoop"


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"Mamma Mia screening "Southhampton exclusive!

Exclusive ,

Pierce @ Mamma Mia screening Southhampton (UK)

13th of July


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us