"Thomas Crown" replicated


'Thomas Crown' thief

A thief replicated scenes from the Pierce Brosnan movie The Thomas Crown Affair when he hired an army of decoys to help him get away from a crime.

The jobs had been placed on Craiglist offering people $28.50 per hour if they turned up wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt, yellow safety vest, eye protection and ventilator mask.

They were told to wait near a Bank of America branch in Monroe, Seattle ... meanwhile our criminal was around the corner wearing the same outfit attacking an armored truck guard and stealing from the cash delivery.

It is similar to, but not as stylish as, the 1999 movie where Pierce Brosnan's art thief, dons a trench coat and bowler hat, makes off with a priceless masterpiece as museum security guards are distracted by a horde of lookalikes he had hired.
The 'workers' who thought they were there to help on a city landscaping project say they did not mind being accessories to a crime, but would have preferred a cooler outfit.

Police have not disclosed how much money he got away with and the FBI are currently trying to use the job advert to locate the criminal.

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