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Environmental Hall Of Fame Honors Green

Celebrity Pierce Brosnan At Awards Ceremony


ceremony : 20-22 November 2008

Discover How the USA can Create a
Prosperous Renewable Energy Economy

The Environmental Hall of Fame will induct over 36 honorees into the National, Illinois and Chicago Environmental Halls of Fame at Hotel Allegro Chicago on November 20-22 during its second awards ceremony. The Hotel Allegro, (171 W. Randolph) across from City Hall, has been rated the greenest hotel in Chicago.

The award recipients will share their vision of how the United States can be transformed into a self-sufficient and prosperous renewable energy economy. The mission of the Environmental Hall of Fame is to help recognize and implement solutions of top Environmentalists in order to help reduce global warming, energy costs, pollution and help increase energy independence. Environmental activists Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Brosnan will be honored at the ceremony.

Top environmentalists from the USA, Illinois and Chicago Area will be inducted into the National Environmental Hall of Fame, Illinois Environmental Hall of Fame and Chicago Environmental Hall of Fame. The event will also inaugurate exhibits for the National Green Museum and National Environmental Hall of Fame in Chicago. Over 100 exhibits will be on display.

Twenty-two of the Nation’s leading environmentalists and “green” celebrities were honored at the Environmental Hall of Fame's inaugural event on June 6, 2008, including Art Linkletter, Mario Van Peebles, Van Jones and Stan Ovshinsky.

The Environmental Hall of Fame envisions induction to be the environmental sector’s equivalent of an Emmy or Grammy. The June 6 ceremony recognized 22 outstanding organizations and individuals for their longstanding commitment to helping create a green, sustainable planet and reduce global warming. The event was filmed for national TV.

The November 20-22 events will induct at least 36 more honorees into the Environmental Hall of Fame (12 each day). The media is invited to a Press Conference, attended by honorees, held one hour before the start of each event (4-5 PM Thursday and Friday, 9-10 AM Saturday). The event will be filmed for national TV by White Sage Media.

The founders of the Environmental Hall of Fame believe that implementing the technologies and recommendations of the Honorees would be enough to help transform the United States into a self-sufficient, renewable energy economy.

Inductees were selected following extensive research into environmental projects for over a year. Criteria for Hall of Fame award recipients include recommendations by peers, longevity in the environmental field and overall impact.

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