Tv's 50hottest hunks EVER!!

TV's 50 hottest hunks ever

Hotties, beefcake, eye candy -- call 'em what you will; to us, they're simply the 50 hunkiest men to ever populate primetime TV.

From cowboys and cops to legal eagles and Supermen (we've got two of those), these are the handsome guys who've made us laugh, cry ... and drool on our remote controls.

13. Pierce Brosnan
12. Chad Michael Murray
11. Don Johnson
10. Tom Selleck
9. Michael Vartan
8. Mark Harmon
7. Taylor Kitsch
6. John Stamos
5. Tom Welling
4. Taye Diggs
3. Josh Holloway
2. George Clooney
1. Patrick Dempsey

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