Happy 2009

Hello Brosnanfans around the world ,

I wish you all an amazing 2009


lots of new movies with Mr.Brosnan


greetz from Belgium

Brosnangirl xxx

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update news!!!

Hello ,

Update hot "BROSNAN" news

check it out

(left side of my blog!!)


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Remington steele

Brand new !!

Scroll down my blog and find out more (at the right side) 


Pierce Brosnan as Remington Steele

(more to come)

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vote for http://piercebrosnan.skynetblogs.be

Hello dear visitors
Please vote for your
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after you clicked on that button you will be directed to another page where you have to click on the word  "BEVESTIGEN"

unfortunately you can only vote when you have a skynet pass


thank you very much!

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Join Mamma Mia! congaline

Join the Mamma Mia! congaline



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Dress & Be as 007


Amazing website !!

take a visit



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Official Newsletter "Pierce Brosnan"

Season's Greetings One and All,

source ; www.piercebrosnan.com

What a joy it has been to watch Mamma Mia make so many people happy. Not a day goes by without someone saying they have seen it, not once, but several times. You can now purchase Mamma Mia on DVD for the holidays.

Last summer my company Irish DreamTime made an independent film called The Greatest, which has been accepted into the 2009 Sundance Film Festival competition. The beautiful and talented Susan Sarandon joined first time writer/director Shana Feste and a young company of gifted actors to make a movie which explores love, loss and the heartbeat of family life. Up next I will begin principal photography on a film entitled Heaven and Earth which is shooting entirely on location in South Africa. Heaven and Earth is the true story of James Miranda Barry (portrayed by Natasha McElhone) who was appointed Army Surgeon at the Cape Colony and rose through the ranks to eventually become Surgeon General of the British Army. Only when the undertaker was laying out the body of the eminent physician was a startling discovery made - Dr. James Barry was in fact a woman.

This spring, I will be working with Roman Polanski on a film based on the book of the same name, The Ghost which details the story of a ghost writer crafting the memoirs of the British Prime Minister. When "the Ghost" uncovers a myriad of secrets, his own life is put in jeopardy. The ensemble includes Ewan McGregor as The Ghost and Kim Cattrall as my mistress. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle will begin production in summer 2009 followed by The Thomas Crown Affair 2 in the fall.

In the spirit of giving this holiday season please consider making a small contribution to those in need. The following organizations were on our holiday gift giving list:

The Jane Goodall Institute
Roots and Shoots
American Red Cross
- Kauai Humane Society

These funds will be used to sponsor environmental education and youth based humanitarian programs, provide clean, safe drinking water to a developing nation by distributing thousands of portable water purifiers, offer relief services for the victims of the Southern California Wildfires, and care for numerous stray animals while also supporting the spay and neuter shelter program on the island of Kauai.

Holiday Blessings from my home to yours and every good wish for the coming year ahead. May the spirit of the season fill you with love, joy and peace.

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Brosnan & his Aston Martin

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Mamma Mia! beats Titanic


Universal Picture's romantic musical comedy Mamma Mia! The Movie has become the highest grossing movie ever to be released in the UK. It has beaten Titanic which held the record since 1998.

To date Mamma Mia! The Movie has grossed £69, 066, 035 to date as compared with Titanic 's £69,025,646.

The record was broken a few days after the film picked up two Golden Globe nominations for best picture (musical or comedy) and best actress (musical or comedy) for star Meryl Streep.

David Kosse, president of Universal Pictures International said: "For Mamma Mia! The Movie to make history in this way and beat Titanic, which has held the record in the UK since 1998, is truly phenomenal. This film has exceeded our expectations and delighted audiences around the world since it opened in July. This box-office record is a tribute to producer Judy Craymer, director Phyllida Lloyd and our brilliant cast who worked so hard on this film."

Now in its 23rd week of release in the UK, Mamma Mia!The Movie has become the number one film of the year in 15 countries including Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Cyprus, Iceland, Slovenia and Sweden.

It recently crossed the $570 million mark worldwide becoming one of Universal's top grossing and most profitable movies ever.

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Brosnan spotted this week

Brosnan spotted in "Malibu" this week

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Brosnan against gas terminal

Brosnan against gas terminal

source ; irishtimes.com

ACTOR PIERCE Brosnan has written to Kerry County Council to express his reservations about the country's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal proposed for a land bank alongside Tarbert on the Shannon Estuary.

The €500 million terminal proposal by a subsidiary of the US Hess corporation was granted permission in March, and an oral hearing into a pipeline to link the facility with the national gas network near Foynes in Co Limerick was held in Listowel last week.

Both parts were deemed strategic infrastructure and went straight to An Bord Pleanála for consideration. Brosnan, who has objected to a similar proposal in California, was born in Navan, Co Meath, and has links with Kerry.

He said he and his wife Keely were supporting the Safety Before LNG campaign against the proposed Shannon LNG terminal.

The LNG proposal had been "fast-tracked and 'piecemealed' " by separating the terminal itself from its associated pipeline and "no coherent assessment of the serious and significant risks to public health and safety has been undertaken", he claimed.

Brosnan and his wife were supporting the challenge to permission to Kerry County Council on the basis that the project had been split, he said.

The couple had participated in the review of an LNG terminal proposal for offshore California proposed by the largest mining company in the world, BHP Billiton.

"What we found was a massive, industrial facility that would have polluted our community in violation of existing air-quality laws and that posed serious long-term risks to public safety and security.

"We strongly support Safety Before LNG's request that the planning department find that this project and its associated pipeline must be thoroughly reviewed for the serious cumulative risks it poses for the local population and the environment," the Brosnans wrote.

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Bid on brosnan stuff & support autism

Pierce donated  to a charity auction!

 You can bid on his archive quality paintings & signed memorabilia.

Bid now and support kids with autism!


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Tv's 50hottest hunks EVER!!

TV's 50 hottest hunks ever

Hotties, beefcake, eye candy -- call 'em what you will; to us, they're simply the 50 hunkiest men to ever populate primetime TV.

From cowboys and cops to legal eagles and Supermen (we've got two of those), these are the handsome guys who've made us laugh, cry ... and drool on our remote controls.

13. Pierce Brosnan
12. Chad Michael Murray
11. Don Johnson
10. Tom Selleck
9. Michael Vartan
8. Mark Harmon
7. Taylor Kitsch
6. John Stamos
5. Tom Welling
4. Taye Diggs
3. Josh Holloway
2. George Clooney
1. Patrick Dempsey

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New look for piercebrosnan.skynetblogs.be

Hello Brosnanfans all over the world

It's almost a new year so I thought you might like a new look .

I added a new background, new headimage and new buttons before the title of every post.

also an update on the left "Brosnan news"

I hope you like it !

By this way I wanted to thank all the people who wrote  in my guestbook or sent me some e-mail

people from Thailand,Italy,Usa,Mexico,etc,... .

Don't hesitate to write something in  my guestbook on the left ,I really appreciate that !

greetz Brosnangirl

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Mamma Mia Sequel??

Mamma Mia sequel??

Veteran actress Meryl Streep is keen to bring movie musical Mamma Mia! back to the big screen for a second time but only if movie bosses can "get those fabulous boys back."

Streep starred in the Abba-inspired summer hit alongside Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard, who all threw themselves into the singing and dancing roles.

And Streep would love to reunite the cast for a follow-up.

She says, "Grand Mamma Mia! I like it! I'm up for doing a sequel, as long as you can get those fabulous boys back! It's so gratifying it has been this phenomenon around the work. It says there's an audience for something that appeals to a lot of women, something that might make them some money too."

Movie musical Mamma Mia! has become a major box office smash internationally, grossing more than $559 million worldwide.

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Mamma Mia dvd new release date!!!


"Mamma Mia!"


in stores

on the 10th of December

Blue Ray/dubbel dvd & regular edition


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Sundance filmfestival

Brosnan,Sarandon ,Rock,...


Films featuring Chris Rock, Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon, Paul Giamatti and Emily Watson are among those competing for top honors at January's Sundance Film Festival.

Rock appears in the documentary "Good Hair," director Jeff Stilson's examination of African-American hairstyles, which was among 64 films announced Wednesday in Sundance's four competitions for U.S. and world cinema.

Brosnan and Sarandon star in director Shana Feste's "The Greatest," about a couple coping with the loss of their teenage son, while Giamatti and Watson are among the cast of Sophie Barthes' "Cold Souls," centering on an actor in an existential crisis.

The festival that showcases independent film runs Jan. 15-25 in Park City, Utah.

Others films among the 16 in the U.S. drama category include the romance "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men," the writing-directing debut of "The Office" co-star John Krasinski. He also appears in the film along with Timothy Hutton, Julianne Nicholson and "Office" colleague Rashida Jones.

The overall Sundance lineup is hard to categorize but will be heavy on "romance and activism," said festival director Geoffrey Gilmore.

"The issue about romance is it feels like a new generation taking the idea of love stories and romantic melodrama into their own direction," Gilmore said.

The U.S. and world documentary competitions are loaded with films examining social and environmental issues, including the ocean-wildlife studies "The Cove" and "The End of the Line," the oil chronicle "Crude," the top-soil tale "Dirt: The Movie" and the financial expose "Let's Make Money."

Also in the Sundance dramatic lineup: "The Dream of the Romans," with Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham in a story about the reclusive author of an influential spiritual book; "An Education," an adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel starring Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred Molina and Emma Thompson; "Five Minutes of Heaven," an Irish political drama with Liam Neeson; and "Taking Chance," a military homefront saga with Kevin Bacon.

The documentary categories also include "When You're Strange," a chronicle of Jim Morrison and the Doors; "Thriller in Manila," examining the final boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier; and "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe," a portrait of the civil-rights lawyer directed by his daughters, Sarah and Emily Kunstler.

The overall Sundance lineup presents 118 feature-length films, which were chosen from 3,661 submissions. Films in the star-studded premieres section and other categories will be announced Thursday.

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Brosnan catching a movie with sons

Brosnan spotted in L.A.

catching a movie with his sons

Paris & Dylan


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Video "fastest selling dvd of all time" MM

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New pict of the month

A new month

so a new "picture of the month"

Click on the button 

 "pict of the month" 

 @ top of the page

below the text "The Man behind the face"

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