Cash trouble Brosnan's African film

Cash trouble Brosnan's African film

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Irish actor and James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has had to postpone work on his new film Heaven on Earth because the multi-million euro production has been struck by a delay in financing.

The €11m project, based in Cape town,South Africa, was scheduled to start filming last Thursday week, but it was halted when the necessary funding failed to come through.

The star had jetted into the city to begin filming the romantic epic but left the country only days later after being told of the problem.

The Irish actor is now at his home in Los Angeles but staff from his production company Irish Dreamtime have stayed behind in South Africa in an attempt to salvage the project.

Speaking about the setback, Michael auret managing director of Spier Films -- the company producing the film in collaboration with Focus Films -- explained: "We've had to postpone work on the movie.

"Pierce went home but his production company Irish Dreamtime is working to get it back up again.

"Pierce came down and all the crew and cast came down and then we had problems closing the financing. But they are still very interested in the project," he said.

As Mr Auret explained: "Focus Films have been meeting their financial obligations in the pre-production period, as far as we are aware, and will continue to do so via bridging loans until the legal agreements are finalised and the rest of the finance flows into the production."

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