Hollywood crew @ The Island of Sylt



Hollywood crew @ The Island of Sylt

(16th of March )

Usedom - center of the world, Hollywood, Martha`s Vineyard, all in one!
Today the whole Hollywood crew has fallen in! Roman Polanski, Pierce Brosnan, Ewen McGregor and some more . The film they are going to take is called Ghost and shall be a political thriller. That`s what the Pomeranian Radio man told us, and now we are all waiting for more news.

Actually, the setting is supposed to be Martha`s Vineyard, but firstly, Roman Polanski gets no visa for the US, and secondly, it is probably much cheaper to take the movie here, on the beach of Usedom (which is apparently much like the one of M`s Vineyard). Only trouble is, Mr. Polanski wants rainy weather, but, as the radio man rightly remarked, it was not a good idea to choose the island for the shooting which statistically has the most sunny hours in all of Germany!

But the whole set has been erected by now, even with 12 of those electric poles that are a feature of American life and which always fall down at storms and create blackouts (in Germany, most electric linings are running in the ground which leaves the landscape prettier and the storms more harmless. But that`s not my business). And on the road near the airport of Peenemünde even a yellow street line was painted on the ground, so that it all looks unmistakably like an American place. Haha.
Remember Peenemünde? That is the small town right on the Western end of Usedom where Wernher von Braun built his V2 rocket, and would have sent another rocket to the moon.

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