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Pierce Brosnan Developing Robert Capa Film

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Pierce Brosnan Developing Robert Capa Film
Pierce Brosnan is developing a film about famed Hungarian photojournalist Robert Capa through his Irish Dream Time company. Paul McGuigan is attached to direct the film.

Capa documented conflicts including the Spanish Civil War and World War II with his photos. He was also known for his photographs of D-Day and for being one of the few photogs to land on the beach in Normandy, France in June of 1944, when he was able to take pictures of the historic Allied invasion.

Capa, who was born André Friedmann, helped to found Magnum Photos and was a bit of a celebrity, traveling in glamorous circles and embarking on an affair with actress Ingrid Bergman. Capa was killed in 1954 after he stepped on a landmine.

Irish Dream Time has a first-look deal with MGM, although it has not been determined if that studio will co-develop this particular film.

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