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Michael Sheen To Host 16th Annual Bafta/la Cunard Britannia Awards


Washington, Actor Michael Sheen will host the 16th annual BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards scheduled to take place on November 1.

Hollywood stars including Kathy Bates, Pierce Brosnan, Helen Fielding, Jodie Foster, Famke Janssen, Bill Nighy and Reese Witherspoon will be presenting awards at the event.

As announced earlier, Oscar winner Denzel Washington will be awarded the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film and Kate Winslet will get the Brittania Award for British Artist of the Year.

BAFTA/LA was founded in California in 1987, reports Variety.

The award is meant to act as a bridge between the American and British entertainment communities.

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