Hollywood stars' homes @ risk


source; www.contactmusic.com


PIERCE BROSNAN and DUSTIN HOFFMAN are playing an active part in trying to save the Malibu beach on which they own properties - after severe erosion has left their homes at risk.
Steven Spielberg, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn are just a number of celebrities living on the city's Broad Beach - but tides and waves are eroding the shore and washing away foundations, leaving them powerless to do anything about it.
Brosnan and Hoffman are reportedly doing what they can to help the situation to save the stars' properties.
Lawyer Ken Ehrlich, who represents the homeowners' association, says, "They are both very concerned and have played a very active role, attending meetings and showing their concern."
Sandbags have offered a temporary solution, but the 300 residents in the area are now looking into funding a $24 million (£15 million) wall that will stretch out to sea, as well as importing sand in an attempt to save their homes.

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