Bond is back?

Bond is back?


Pierce Brosnan will never be the same - the same debonair international spy known as James Bond he played so iconically in the '90s. But no matter. Today, Brosnan is a full-time film actor who is busier than ever, juggling four new movies, five children and newfound visibility. "People think if they don't see you as James Bond, that's it, you're retired," he says. "That I'm still at the table is great."

In addition to the recent Percy Jackson & The Olympians, he plays an ex-British prime minister in The Ghost Writer, opening nationally this weekend. Coincidentally, Brosnan, who lost his first wife to cancer in 1991 and almost lost his son Sean, now 26, in a car accident in 2000, plays a grieving father in two other films. In Remember Me (opening March 12), he plays dad to Twilight star Robert Pattinson, and in The Greatest (April 2 in New York and L.A.), he's husband to Susan Sarandon. Recently, we spoke with him:

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