Brosnan's "Greatest" grief


 Brosnan's "Greatest" grief


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Being an actor is my life



 "Being an actor is my life"


"Pierce Brosnan interview" Tavis Smiley

"Pierce Brosnan interview"

@ Tavis Smiley




whole interview written on


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Brosnan @ premiere "The Greatest" video


 Brosnan @ premiere "The Greatest" video


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Earth Hour 8h30pm


Earth Hour

27th of March







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Newsletter Piercebrosnan.com

Official newsletter

source ; www.piercebrosnan.com


March 26th, 2010

Dear Friends,

Spring greetings.

Hope this letter finds you well.

I recently returned from a 45-day press tour to promote several new films I am proud to have been a part of. I am pleased that "Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightening Thief" opened in February at #2 at the box office and that it has delighted young fans across America. "The Ghost Writer," based upon the book "The Ghost," written by Robert Harris and directed by Roman Polanski has received critical acclaim from The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, and Rolling Stone. "The Ghost Writer" is rolling out to wider audiences this week. On March 12th, "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and myself opened nationwide. Kirk Honeycutt for The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "Remember Me" is a smart, engaging drama about young love flourishing amid sadness and loss. Claudia Puig for USA Today said
"Remember Me" is a touching love story, but its broader tale of familial relations packs a greater emotional punch.

Next up, "The Greatest," starring one of the most beautiful and candid women in the cinema, Susan Sarandon and the luminous Carey Mulligan, which I produced with Beau Marie St. Claire, my partner at Irish DreamTime, and Lynette Howell. "The Greatest" which premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, was written and directed by Shana Feste, who made her debut as a first time director with this inspired independent feature film.

This April 22nd celebrate Earth Day 2010 by taking your family to see "Oceans," a documentary I narrate, produced by DisneyNature, the studio that presented the record-breaking film "Earth." Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud feature spectacular never-before-seen imagery captured by the latest underwater technologies, offering an unprecedented look at the mysteries that lie beneath the seas while exploring the harsh realities and amazing creatures that live within. In honor of every guest who sees "Oceans" during opening week (April 22-28, 2010), DisneyNature will make a contribution to The Nature Conservancy to help save coral reefs.

This spring I begin production on a new film titled "Salvation Boulevard" based on a novel of the same name, written by Larry Beinhart, (who also wrote "Wag the Dog"). "Salvation Boulevard" follows a former Deadhead-turned-born again-Christian who finds himself on the run from fundamentalist members of his mega church who will do anything to protect their larger-than life pastor (yours truly). Greg Kinnear, Ed Harris, Marisa Tomei, Sam Elliot, Jim Gaffigan, and Jennifer Connolly round out this all-star cast. The film will be directed by George Radliff.

Wishing you a great year ahead. See you at the movies.

Love and only love

Brosnan & Keely @ L.A. premiere "The Greatest"


Pierce Brosnan, Keely

more pics @ http://piercebrosnan.bbforum.be


Brosnan & Keely @ L.A premiere of " THE GREATEST" last Thursday 25th of March

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"The Ghostwriter" In cinemas today!

"The Ghostwriter" In cinemas

Belgium 24th of March


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Brosnan on the Ellen Show


 Brosnan on the Ellen Show


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"Oceans"new Disney Movie

Pierce Brosnan Diving Into Disneynature's 'Oceans'

source ;

Pierce Brosnan will narrate Disneynature's newest big-screen documentary 'OCEANS,' arriving on Earth Day, April 22, and by seeing the movie, you can help to save coral reefs!

For every viewer that sees 'OCEANS' in theaters during opening week (April 22-2, Disneynature will make a contribution to The Nature Conservancy to save coral reefs in their honor with their "See 'OCEANS,' Save Oceans" initiative.

Giving moviegoers an unprecedented look beneath the sea, 'OCEANS' boldly chronicles the mysteries that lie beneath the waves, which cover nearly three quarters of our planet's surface. The film features spectacular, never-before-seen imagery captured by the latest underwater technologies.

An outspoken environmentalist who is active in promoting ocean conservation efforts, Brosnan is a natural choice to narrate the film. He has lent his support to the International Fund for Animal Welfare's "Save the Whales Again!" campaign, as well as working with environmental organizations including Sea Shepherd, California Coastal Protection Network, Ocean Futures Society, Oceana and Waterkeeper Alliance.

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Genesisawards 2010

Genesisawards 2010

Every year, The Genesis Awards pays tribute to the major news and entertainment media for producing outstanding works that raise public awareness of animal issues. The 24th annual Genesis Awards was Saturday, March 20, 2010 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif.

more pics @




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Brosnan & Keely dinner @ Katsuya


Brosnan & Keely dinner @ Katsuya


Former Bond star Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith enjoy pre-theatre dinner at Katsuya before going to see "Cats".on Friday 19th.

more pics @


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"The Greatest" Trailer


 "The Greatest" Trailer


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"The Ghostwriter" Spanish trailer


 "The Ghostwriter" Spanish trailer



Brosnan on a date

Brosnan on a date with wife Keely

Brosnan & wife Keely spotted while leaving Malibu cinemas

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Brosnan @ Late Late show


 Brosnan @ Late Late show

great interview!!!

Part 1



Part 2

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"Thomas Crown" on Blu-Ray


"Thomas Crown" on Blu-Ray

source ; http://bluray.highdefdigest.com/

out on April 6th 2010Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo, Dennis Leary, Faye Dunaway
Director: John McTiernan

Plot Synopsis: Thrill-seeking billionaire Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) loves nothing more than courting disaster - and winning! So when his world becomes too stiflingly “safe,” he pulls off his boldest stunt ever: stealing a priceless painting - in broad daylight - from one of Manhattan’s most heavily-guarded museums. But his post-heist excitement soon pales beside an even greater challenge: Catherine Banning (Rene Russo). A beautiful insurance investigator hired to retrieve the artwork, Catherine’s every bit as intelligent, cunning and hungry for adventure as he is. And just when Thomas realizes he’s finally met his match, she skillfully leads him into a daring game of cat and mouse that’s more intoxicating - and dangerous - than anything either of them has ever experienced before!

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Visionlab 2010 commercial


 Visionlab 2010 commercial

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 Making of




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"Remember Me" movie stills



 "Remember Me" movie stills

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"Exclusive interview" Pierce Brosnan


"Exclusive interview" Pierce Brosnan

about films,kids,painting,007...



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Brosnan happy to be working

Brosnan happy to be working

source ; http://www.nj.com by Stephen Whitty

He’s been Bond, James Bond — and Remington Steele, and the subject of countless fervid female fantasies.

And at 56, slim and elegant in a black suit, he could undoubtedly still kindle many more. His leading-man days are hardly behind him.

But currently, Pierce Brosnan is, as he likes to put it, a “working actor,” happily taking on a variety of character parts — a brave centaur in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” a duplicitous politician in Roman Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer,” a stubborn Brooklyn father in “Remember Me” — and, soon, a grieving parent in “The Greatest,” a “little jewel” of a movie he produced himself.

One recent afternoon in New York, an understandably exhausted Brosnan spoke easily about his busy schedule, his Irish childhood and fame. Even laughed about his singing in last year’s “Mamma Mia!” (“I was trying to woo back my lover with all my heartfelt yearnings. And people said, ‘Please put a bullet in that man and put him out of his misery!’ ”)

And when his cellphone rang, this multimillionaire “working actor” still briefly, politely, interrupted himself to check the caller ID.

“Sorry!” he said. “Could be a job!”

Q: It’s been a really wide range of parts for you, lately. In “Remember Me,” you’re this tough New York businessman.

A: Yes, this powerful, Donald Trump type. I’m very hard-nosed, separated from my wife — we’ve already lost one son to drugs, and I’m estranged from my other son, who’s played by Robert Pattinson. . . . It’s good. He’s very good in it, too. I’m so fond of Rob — this young fellow in the vortex of fame.

Q: And then in “The Ghost Writer,” you’re this politician facing a trial for war crimes. He’s a pretty shady character. And yet he gives a strong and rather stirring justification of himself at the end. He certainly doesn’t think he’s a villain.

A: Villains never do. There’s an ambivalence to him, and an ambivalence to his emotional heart. He’s a man who’s broken and hollowed out.

Q: There’s a bit of Beckett to that movie, isn’t there? This sort of absurdist tragedy, this Irish feeling of “Don’t worry — things will get worse.”

A: It is Beckett-like, isn’t it? I’ve been reading a bit of Beckett lately and you’re right: There is that desolation. But it is Polanski-esque, too. It’s Polanski with all guns blazing — the metaphor, the subterfuge, the malevolence, the claustrophobia, the orchestration of his own legend and history.

Q: In “Remember Me,” you play this very distant father of a troubled son. I know your own father took off when you were very young; your mother had to pretty much keep the family together. Growing up, do you think you took more of a lesson from your father on how not to behave? From your mother, on how you should?

A: Oh, God (long pause). I don’t know. I don’t know. Who knows what makes you what you are? Being Irish, being Catholic, that has something to do with who I am. A sense of aloneness as a young man, a fractured home life. Then the great clarity of a new beginning with my mother and my Scottish stepfather in London — but then, too, being an Irish lad in a big English metropolis, being an outsider, having to play the game to get along. All those things went to make me who I am. And then the gratitude — gratitude that I found a vocation in acting, that I was actually good at something when I was always being told I wasn’t good at anything.

Q: You’ve mentioned being impressed by how Rob Pattinson’s handling his fame. But you really had two waves of it, first with “Remington Steele” and then with the Bond films. Were the experiences very different, coming a decade or so apart?

A: “Remington,” that was just the golden opportunity to create a career and an American life. And it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t taken the leap and mortgaged my house for 2,000 pounds and caught a cheap flight out on Freddie Laker. That was the start. And Bond, Bond always came in and out of my life with drama.

Q: Since you left 007, though, you’ve been doing a wider range of parts than ever. In retrospect, was it good you got out of Bond? Was there a danger that his tuxedo was turning into a straitjacket?

A: Well, I was very aware of being within the confines of a very iconic character. I’d seen the men who’d gone before me, and I’d seen the careers that they had afterward and the lives that they had lived as actors. Now, Sean (Connery) was the man for me — he was the Bond of my generation and the only one that I wanted to try to emulate, but with the firm knowledge that I couldn’t do what he did, that I’d have to do what I do. But within my time of service to her majesty in that role, I always knew I wanted to have a career thereafter. And so, since then, that’s what I’ve been busy with. A working actor, just chipping away, chipping away.

Q: Role by role.

A: You know, it’s really as simple as that. Role by role. The scripts don’t come pouring in; I have to fight for every part. Sometimes, I wonder where my place in this town called Hollywood is — and that can give you a really dull headache. So you just get on with the job. You say to your agent, “I want to work. I need to work. I like to work. Find me good work.” And as you get older, you adjust accordingly, the confidence level increases — you know what has to be done, and if you’re not feeling the emotion at that exact moment on the set, well, you pretend. You just bloody act it. Because you’re a working actor, and hopefully at the end of the day, there’s a handful of films in a career that you can look at and say, that one, that was a great role. And it’s all mine

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Upcoming TV appearances


Upcoming TV appearances

source ; www.piercebrosnan.com


March 15 - Repeat of Craig Ferguson

March 16 - Repeat of Craig Ferguson

March 22nd - The Ellen Show

March 25th - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Week of March 29th - Tavis Smiley

"The Greatest" @ Methodfest


"The Greatest" @ Methodfest

25th till 30th of March


The Greatest screening -> 27th of March

The Method Fest, the only major film festival in the U.S. that focuses on the acting side of the independent film industry, has announced their 12th annual lineup. Actors to showcase their new films include Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney and Charlotte Gainsbourg in James Ivory’s latest “City of Final Destination,” Carey Mulligan in Shana Feste’s “The Greatest” and Richard Dreyfuss in Daniel Adams’ “The Lightkeepers.”

A total of 30 feature films and 59 shorts will screen at the festival, which runs from March 25 to April 31 in Calabasas. Ivory’s film will open the festival, while a number of film will have their world premieres at the fest including James Mann’s “Desert Son,” Nicholas Gyenes’ “The Penitent Man,” Hilbert Hakim’s “Krews” and the Kazakhstani film “Strayed” from director Akan Satayev

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Brosnan talks about Pattinson (interview)


 Brosnan talks about Pattinson 

 for Popstar Magazine



"Remember Me" in theaters


"Remember Me"

in theaters TODAY




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Brosnan & Keely spotted


Brosnan & Keely spotted

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Pierce Brosnan and wife, Kelly Shaye-Smith, were spotted leaving Malibu Colony Company at Cross Creek in California yesterday. Pierce’s new movie, Remember Me, that also stars Robert Pattinson hits theaters tomorrow.

Pierce recently told ABC News how he would love to be in another Bond movie.

“I was wondering why the door closed on me! I thought everything was going so well! You know ‘Come back,’ they say, ‘Come back’ and there you go! We won’t talk about that.”

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More than Bond

More than Bond

source: http://www.metronews.ca

Pierce Brosnan has never been nominated for an Oscar. He has a couple Golden Globe nods to his credit and an MTV Movie Best Fight Award statuette on his shelf, but so far the heavy gold has evaded him.

Perhaps because of his dapper good looks he doesn’t get spoken about in the same breath as Colin Firth or Morgan Freeman. Perhaps a resume dotted with films like Dante’s Peak knocks him down a peg or two in the Academy’s opinion.

Or maybe it’s his predilection for doing shamelessly populist fare like Mama Mia and this weekend’s Remember Me (co-starring as Robert Pattison’s father) that keeps him from being taken as seriously as say, George Clooney, another genetically blessed actor, who, like Brosnan, got his big break on television.

He could have been nominated for his work in The Matador, a little seen, but critically lauded film from 2005. In it, Brosnan plays Julian Noble, a jaded hit man, or “facilitator of fatalities” who finds a confidant in a struggling businessman, played by Greg Kinnear.

Brosnan’s performance as Julian, the hit man who develops confidence problems, is a revelation. We have seen Brosnan as the slickly comic private eye Remington Steele on television, the sophisticated James Bond and even as the suave jewel thief in The Thomas Crown Affair, but until now we have never seen him in Beatle boots and a Speedo traipsing across a hotel lobby.

His Julian is a manic creation — amoral, rude and unlike Bond, the character that has defined his career for the last decade, unshaven.

With this one performance Brosnan entered a new phase in his career, effortlessly leaving the urbane Bond behind. 

Maybe next year he’ll finally get the recognition he deserves when the Academy gets a load of his work in The Ghost Writer. As ex-prime minister Adam Lang he embodies the role, like he was born for photo ops in front of private jets, waving to his constituents.

It’s good work that effectively erased the image of him as a half man / half horse in the recent film Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Despite the odd misstep, he is an interesting actor who deserves more respect than he gets.
If the movie gods can allow Mon’ique to go from co-starring in Beerfest to winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar, surely they can ignore Brosnan’s silly beard in an ill-conceived Robinson Crusoe remake, or the non-thrilling thriller Live Wire and finally give him his due.

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Brosnan interview "The Ghostwriter"


 Brosnan interview "The Ghostwriter"


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Brosnan & Pattinson ; artist on artist interview



 Brosnan & Pattinson ;

 artist on artist interview

Independent Spirit Awards

Independent Spirit Awards

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smit. The 25th Film Independent Spirit awards held at the Nokia L.A. Live. Los Angeles, California

more pics @


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