Brosnan in " Salvation Boulevard"

Brosnan in " Salvation Boulevard"

A new comic-satiric-thriller by the director of the parental-nightmare horror film Joshua has some of its cast in place. Pierce Brosnan and Jennifer Connelly and Greg Kinnear and Ed Harris are on board, with Maria Tomei supposedly lining up.

Salvation Boulevard is based on a book by the author of the book that became Wag the Dog. This time, the guy who suggested that presidents (Bill Clinton was the one named at the time the movie came out, though not when the book came out) aren’t above foreign policy misadventures (i.e. WARS) just to change the subject from domestic problems, takes on evangelical Christians in a tale of a murder investigation about a Muslim student who allegedly killed a college professor who questioned the existence of God.

If Brosnan plays the burnt-out investigator, this would be quite a break for him .

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