Brosnan "Kelli Gillespie interview"

Brosnan "Kelli Gillespie interview" about Mamma Mia!


click on the link

Kelli Gillespie's interview with Pierce

Interview Brosnan for Movies.ie

Interview Pierce Brosnan for Movies.ie

interview Brosnan starts @ 3.45 minutes

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"Mamma Mia!" Cast interview (begin July)

Another amazing interview

with cast of "Mamma Mia!"



Video "Southhampton screening "Mamma Mia!


Southhampton screening of "Mamma mia!" and the Breastcancer foundation

last July 15th

Pierce Brosnan avatars "Brand new"

Brand new

Pierce Brosnan avatars

(on the right side of my blog)

made by "me" aka "Brosnangirl"

hope you like themKnipogen

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Brosnan exclusive spotted "New York


Exclusive ,Brosnan spotted in New York

source ; the web

Pierce already started filming " The Greatest" with Susan Sarondon  this week .


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Brosnan about his dancing moves (interview)

Brosnan about his dancing moves in "Mamma Mia!"


Interview Pierce "artisan news"


Artisan interview with Pierce

click on the picture below

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Brosnan drives "green"


Pierce drives "green"

More hydrogen-porn to go along with your morning coffee!

Last Thursday, the premiere of the new musical film Mamma Mia! was held in NYC and hitting the red-carpet with some green wheels were Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. The former 007, and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, were the first to pull up to the red carpet in their BMW H7 - the world’s first hydrogen car for everyday use. Following close behind was Streep in her own silver BMW H7.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Brand new Background "Brosnan"


Brand new background ,starting today

I hope you like it ;-)

ps ; please sign my guestbook on the left ,I would really appreciate it

thx for the amazing number of visitors !

greetz Brosnangirl


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Mamma mia "Worldwide" today!!

Worlwide in theaters today!!

18th of July 2008



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Pierce Brosnan "interview" (DE)

Pierce Brosnan interview

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New York première "Mamma Mia!"pics


New York première "Mamma Mia!"

16th of July 2008


more pics ;

click on button "P.B. pics"

on top of the page!!


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pierce brosnan,mamma mia,new york ,premiere

Pierce & skateboarding sons

Pierce,Dylan Thomas & Paris Beckett

source ; contactmusic

Pierce Brosnan pays a visit to FAO Schwarz toy store with his two sons, Dylan Thomas, 11, and Paris Beckett, 7, in New York City on Tuesday.

Both Dylan and Paris picked out brand spanking new skateboards.

Pierce, 55, is in town to promote his new movie musical, Mamma Mia!, out this Friday. The film is under heavy competition this weekend because the new Batman film, The Dark Knight, is also being released at the same time. Go out and see both movies this weekend!

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DeVito directing Pierce Brosnan...

Danny DeVito to direct 'Confessions'

Danny DeVito will direct Saoirse Ronan, Morgan Freeman and Pierce Brosnan in the family adventure "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle."

Although he will not appear onscreen, DeVito has written the screenplay based on the novel by the author who writes under the name Avi. The 19th century-set tale centers on a young girl (Ronan) who joins in a shipboard rebellion.

Ronan, who earned an Oscar nomination for "Atonement," will next be seen in "City of Ember" and "The Lovely Bones." Freeman appears in "Wanted," and Brosnan will be seen in "Mamma Mia!" which opens Friday.

HandMade Films is financing along with Plaza Productions International, a New York-based property and hotel group that is part of Isaac Tshuva's El-Ad U.S. Holding. The full lineup of production entities involved also includes DeVito's new banner Jersey Films 2nd Avenue (a successor company to his Jersey Films), Freeman's Revelations Entertainment and Brosnan's Irish DreamTime.

Michele Weisler, Lori McCreary, Beau St. Clair and Patrick Meehan will serve as producers with Thomas D. Adelman and Hawk Koch as exec producers. Koch also will serve as line producer.

HandMade Films International is handling worldwide sales, with CAA managing U.S. rights.

Filming is set to begin in September for 2009 release.

Today Première New york "mamma Mia"

16th of July


Mamma Mia! the movie

in New York

Pierce will be present!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Pierce Brosnan @ the daily show

Pierce Brosnan

tonight (15th of July)


the Daily show with Jon Stewart

more info


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Letterman interview with Pierce Brosnan

David Letterman interview with Pierce

14th of July


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"Mamma Mia!"tops box office!!! (UK)

Nr°1 boxoffice

Mamma Mia! topped the British box office after its opening three days, knocking Will Smith off the No.1 spot after just a week.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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"Mamma Mia" cast interview!!

"Mamma Mia!"

Cast interview

Streep,Firth & The handsome Pierce Brosnan



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Exclusive" Scoop interview" with Pierce

Pierce Brosnan interview

with "Scoop"


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"Mamma Mia screening "Southhampton exclusive!

Exclusive ,

Pierce @ Mamma Mia screening Southhampton (UK)

13th of July


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Upcomming appearances Brosnan!!

  • Sunday, July 13th - Pierce will be appearing at the UA South Hampton Theater for a screening of Mamma Mia benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Monday, July 14th - David Letterman Show
  • Tuesday, July 15th - The Jon Stewart Show
  • Wednesday, July 16th - New York premiere of Mamma Mia at the Ziegfeld Theater (street access available)
  • Thursday, July 17th - Regis and Kelly
  • Friday July 25th - Re-airing of the Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • 12-07-08

    Exclusive Interview with Pierce for the Inquirer

    Exclusive Interview with Pierce for the Inquirer



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    Usa première "Mamma Mia!" 16th of July





    WHAT: The American premiere of the musical romantic comedy 'MAMMA MIA!'

    WHO: 'MAMMA MIA!' director Phyllida Lloyd; executive producers/ABBA
    founding members Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus; cast members
    Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard,
    Dominic Cooper, Amanda Seyfried, Christine Baranski, Rachel
    McDowall and Ashley Lilley; producers Judy Craymer and Gary
    Goetzman; screenwriter Catherine Johnson; and executive producers
    Rita Wilson and Mark Huffam

    Plus celebrity guests including Lauren Bacall, Nora Ephron, Kathie
    Lee Gifford, James Lipton, Jane Seymour, Sting, Trudie Styler,
    Sigourney Weaver and many more.

    WHERE: Ziegfeld Theatre
    141 West 54th Street
    New York City, NY

    WHEN: Wednesday, July 16, 2008
    5:30 PM Press Call Time
    6:30 PM Celebrity Arrivals
    7:30 PM Screening Begins

    SOURCE Universal Pictures

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    Interview P.Brosnan, Colin Firth,Stellan SKarsgard

    Exclusive Interview

    source ; http://www.indielondon.co.uk/

    PIERCE Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard talk about overcoming their terror to sing and dance in Mamma Mia: The Movie and why Phyllida Lloyd proved such a perfect director for her first feature film.

    Brosnan also talks about the magic of getting a front row seat and watching Meryl Streep sing Winner Takes It All in front of him, while Firth ponders why the Greeks were so welcoming during filming.

    Q. Pierce, this is as far from James Bond as you can possibly get. What appealed to you about Mamma Mia?
    Pierce Brosnan: Meryl Streep. My agent called me and said: “I have a job: Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia, Greece.” I said: “I’m in.” It was as simple as that. Mamma Mia, for me, was just a poster on the side of a bus and the great songs of Abba, which I knew. But I didn’t know the story.

    Q. But you’ve never sung before in a film, so that must have been absolutely petrifying?
    Pierce Brosnan: Well, I made a movie called Evelyn and I sang in that… but that was kind of Irish pub songs and ballads, not the subtle complexities of SOS. So, I saw the show and was terrified about what was waiting for me. But I had quick support and I kind of got the joke of being in it.

    Q. Had you seen the stage show before taking the role?
    Pierce Brosnan: I’d seen it in London last February and that’s when the invitation came through my agent. He asked if I’d see the show and hang around to meet Phyllida [Lloyd] and the producers. So, I went with my children and realised I’d said yes to this production and didn’t know who I was playing [laughs]. I knew I was a dad, but not which one. I sat there before the curtain came up and wondered: “What have I said yes to?” But then I thought: “Well, Meryl’s doing it.” But then the songs just came flooding back and there was such enthusiasm for them it, just like everybody else in the theatre, that I was eventually singing and dancing.

    Q. Meryl Streep has previously said that you were sweating with fear. Was there a lot of trepidation when it came to tackling the songs?
    Colin Firth: Yes, we came together, got to know each other and it’s how we became such a family. But I think blind terror is a very bonding quality. I showed up on the first day of pre-record terrified of Benny and Bjorn. I’d heard they were hard task-masters and they’d booked three days to record a three minute song. My mind boggled as to how they would fill those days. I imagined myself in floods of tears while they shook their heads and forced me to do another take. But I turned round to face Pierce and I was staring into a vortex of fear and it was the same with Stellan. And I suddenly realised we weren’t alone. Within half an hour we were like the Andrews sisters around the microphone…

    Pierce Brosnan: Bjorn has said that we looked like three frightened schoolboys coming into the studio that first morning.

    Q. Stellan, you’ve said that you normally only dance when drunk…
    Stellan Skarsgard: Actually, I don’t remember! Yes, only late at night and amongst friends. And it really hurts dancing sober. Your entire body says: “No, this is not right!” But it was terrifying. I realised very soon that we were in this type of boot camp with platforms for what felt like weeks and weeks and weeks doing just one song, Voulez-Vous. There are some absolutely bizarre steps to that. I realised that I was never going to be able to do it. But then I thought that if the shot is framed so they can see my feet, they can’t see my face so they won’t know it’s me! And if they’re close enough to see my face, then they couldn’t see my feet. So, I either acted like I was doing the steps with my head [motions concentration] or with my feet [sticks his tongue out and looks clueless].

    Q. Did you ever have a situation where the locals in Greece were singing the songs back to you and you needed to keep them at bay?
    Colin Firth: I never felt anything. We were either welcomed or completely ignored really. Frankly, I think the Abba factor was the thing that got people excited, as well as the presence of people like Meryl and Pierce. But I think if you live on Skopelos and you haven’t seen Mamma Mia you’ll probably still know all the songs. So, I think people were extremely happy about the film being there.

    Q. If you had to put together a film based on the music of a favourite singer, who would it be?
    Pierce Brosnan: Bruce Springsteen actually. I’d love to see a musical of his songs. There’s such poetry in his music.
    Colin Firth: My son suggested Radiohead. It wouldn’t be uplifting and there wouldn’t be much dancing in the aisles…
    Stellan Skarsgard: I don’t know. I’m speechless.

    Q. Meryl Streep confessed that being on location was just one big laughter fest. Can one have too much fun, or was there some discipline as well?
    Pierce Brosnan: It was great fun. I had the time of my life from day one all the way to the end. Apart from the terror of singing… once you got that out of your system and came to the theatricality of it, and you’d made peace with your voice, it was just wonderful to be in such company. It felt going to work every day and there was work to be done but Phyllida [Lloyd] really created this wonderful platform for us all to make fools of ourselves and support each other.

    Q. But did you feel a sense of having to look after Phyllida given that this was her first feature film?
    Stellan Skarsgard: Not really. The technicality of being a film director is pretty simple. You can do a two-week course about how to place a camera, especially if you have experienced people around you in the shape of cinematographers and everybody else. The hard thing is to make sure that you know what you want to have, and to make sure you get it. And she knew exactly what the tone of the film had to be because she’s tried it out on stages all around the world. So, if you had a suggestion for her, she’d either say: “No, that’s not a Mamma Mia thing, or yes, that’s a Mamma Mia thing.” She delegated a lot but she always took care of the artistic decisions herself. And she also kept calm for months with this huge production.

    Q. Johnny Depp said that he wouldn’t be too keen to do another musical after completing Sweeney Todd earlier this year. How about you?
    Pierce Brosnan: I would. I’d have a crack at it. I really enjoyed doing it. If I could do it with the same cast and same people then sure, why not? So, in for a penny, in for a pound.

    Q. What was it like appearing alongside Meryl Streep when she sang Winner Takes It All?
    Pierce Brosnan: Magic. It’s forever in my heart and imprinted in my mind. It was a tough day, the weather was a bit spooky. It took an immense amount of concentration to go out there and perform it in one. Again, Phyllida was also there quietly directing. It was very, very moving and all I had to do was just stand there and listen… and enjoy it. I was a member of the audience at that point standing there and watching this brilliant and gorgeous performance.

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    Exclusive "Vectra Brochure pics" Pierce Bronsnan

    "Vectra" Brochure pics

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

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    Brosnan @ New York

    Brosnan in New York

     spotted on the 9th of July

    Handsome lad Pierce Brosnan was spotted with a smile on his face after lunching at Da Silvano restaurant .
    You can catch Pierce in the upcoming Mamma Mia! movie which opens on July 18th in the States.  It also stars Amanda Seyfried--which makes us so happy.  Girl is finally getting the attention she deserves!

    He was probably in New York for his next movie "The Greates" with

    Susan Sarandon.


    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


    Pierce @ the today show

    Pierce @ the today show

    exclusive interview about "mamma mia"



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    source ; the NewYorkpost

    'I CAN sing better than she can. If Madonna gets it [the lead role in 'Evita'] I'll rip her throat out!" said Meryl Streep back in 1996.

    SPEAKING OF singing, this very Sun day the actress supreme, Christine Baranski, will depart the Longacre Theatre after the matinee of "Boeing Boeing" and step onto Jeff Zucker's GE helicopter. That will land her in Southampton in time for the gala Hamptons premiere of the new big hit movie musical "Mamma Mia!"

    Although she's the star of the film, Meryl Streep, won't be attending - her co-star, the handsome Pierce Brosnan, will join Ms. Baranski for this exclusive event honoring Evelyn Lauder and her Breast Cancer Foundation. Forget about the guest list; it's stellar, and how the small Southampton movie theater will accommodate all this high power, I don't know.