"Heaven and earth" delayed

Filming of Cape drama delayed by cash crisis

By Bronwynne Jooste

A funding crisis is threatening to scupper one of the biggest film projects being undertaken in Cape Town this year - Heaven and Earth, starring Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan.

Producers of the multi-million- rand feature film, based on the life of the Cape Colony's medical inspector James Barry, are putting their faith in bridging finance while they wait for promised funds to arrive.

Pre-production has already started in the city, with significant expenses already incurred.

The finance promised by a backer from Britain has been delayed several times.

Brosnan has already arrived in the city to start shooting. He plays Cape governor Lord Charles Somerset, believed to have been Barry's lover.

The drama tells of a secret love affair between Somerset and James Miranda Barry, who was a woman posing as a man. Some of the film is set to be shot at The Castle.

Filming was scheduled to start on Thursday, but was delayed on account of the cashflow problems.

It is now scheduled to start tomorrow, but it is not clear whether funding will come through.

The film is being produced by British production company Focus Films. It approached Spier Films, which has offices both in Cape Town and London, to be the official South African co-producer but the deal will only become official once all legal and financial documentation is signed.

Until then, Focus Films will be the lead producer, and has already pumped millions into the project since pre-production started in December.

Spier Films also produced the award-winning musical, U-Carmen eKhayelitsha.

Michael Auret, the joint managing director of Spier Films, said although Focus Films had been sourcing bridging finance, they had "met all their financial obligations" to this point.

"Prior to the closing of the financial agreements, Focus Films have been responsible for the pre-production of the film and have to date invested more than R10-million on preparing this wonderful project."

He said they expected legal agreements to be signed before shooting was scheduled to start on Sunday, although pre-production has already begun.

Auret said a range of factors was holding up the process.

These included negotiations with lawyers, adding that it was "not unusual" for these agreements to be finalised long after shooting had commenced.

"The legal agreements have not closed as yet, but we believe this will happen soon and that shooting will start as scheduled.

"Focus Films have been meeting their financial obligations in the pre-production period, as far as we are aware, and will continue to do so via bridging loans until the legal agreements are finalised and the rest of the finance flows into the production."

David Pupkewitz, the film's executive producer with Focus Films, was unavailable for comment but the Focus Films website states that Heaven and Earth has a $15m budget

source ; http://piercebrosnan.bbforum.be

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"press release" Heaven and Earth


"press release" Heaven and Earth

source ; http://www.free-press-release.com/

South Africa, Republic of (Press Release) February 12, 2009 -- It is therefore no surprise that 2009 promises to be a watershed year for the Cape Film Industry. We cannot help but be excited as major deals are being put together to bring 7 major film productions including a number of Bollywood productions to Cape Town within the first quarter of 2009, and another animated feature film is also being scheduled to go into production in early 2009.

‘The Human Factor’ a movie about South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup in 1995 will commence production soon, and will be directed by Oscar winner Clint Eastwood, with international film stars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. It is based on the book ‘The Human Factor: Nelson Mandela and the Game that changed the world’.
‘Heaven and Earth’ will feature Pierce Brosnan, playing Lord Charles Somerset, the Cape’s first governor. The Castle will be used as one of the locations for the shoot.
South Africa’s first full length CGI film, Lion of Judah, was also produced in Cape Town and is set for international release later in year. Already negotiations are underway for another CGI animated film and announcements will follow shortly.

In a recent frank interview with the Commissioner of the CFC, Laurence Mitchell, he clearly sounded optimistic in stating that “Cape Town and the Western Cape is set to become a global film industry destination and that 2009 will be a crucial year during which we will have to up our game as the rest of the world would have taken notice”.

“We have often been told that we are too ambitious and lack the necessary skills and infrastructure. However it has now become apparent that indeed we have the capacity to become this global film destination/ industry.

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"Heaven and Earth"

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DIRECTOR: Marleen Gorris (Academy Award winner, Antonia’s Line)

CAST: Pierce Brosnan ,Natasha McElhone (Ronin, Solaris, Californication)

WRITER: Malcolm Kohll

PRODUCERS: David Pupkewitz, Malcolm Kohll Focus Films Ltd (The 51st State, The Bone Snatcher, Secret Society, Crimetime)

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: David Pupkewitz, Edward Noeltner, Peter Dale

SCORE: Klaus Badelt (Poseidon, Pirates of the Caribbean)

DESIGNER: Mark Wilby (Red Dust

Pierce Brosnan will add his name to the list of Hollywood stars who have made films in South Africa as he heads to our shores for the shooting of his latest film, Heaven and Earth.

The former lead star of four James Bond films will lend his acting talent to the role of Lord Charles Somerset in a romantic drama set in 1826 in the Cape Colony.

"Heaven and Earth is the true story of James Miranda Barry who was appointed Army Surgeon at the Cape Colony and rose through the ranks to eventually become Surgeon General of the British Army," explains Brosnan in his online blog. "Only when the undertaker was laying out the body of the eminent physician was a startling discovery made - Dr. James Barry was in fact a woman."

Barry, who will be played by British actress Natasha McElhone (The Truman Show and Ronin) disguised herself as a man in order to graduate as a British doctor. She was also the first UK surgeon to perform a Caesarean section.

In an interview with the UK Guardian, McElhone described Barry as a fearless pioneer; "She was a fearless pioneer, pushing the frontiers of accepted medical practice to find new and effective ways of treating her patients, always putting her own safety and popularity at risk

"Barry defied every convention of her time. She disguised herself as a man to attend medical school, then excelled in an entirely male world, achieving the highest position possible for a military surgeon," added McElhone.

South African actors may be cast in supporting roles. Spier Films, a Cape-based production company, is auditioning for extras.

Nicole Klassen of the Cape Film Commission says Cape Town is now a popular destination for A-list stars.

"When a big feature of this size comes out to film in the city and province, there are a number of benefits. There's employment for crews, there's a spin off of actual tourism and tourism benefits and it is exposure for South Africa that we have the infrastructure to host and facilitate big Hollywood-style feature films," she told SABC News.

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