IFta awards 14/02/09

IFTA awards

today the 14th of February 2009


Meryl Streep nominated for

 "Best internation actress" People's choice

for her role in "Mamma Mia"



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Meryl streep nominated for Ifta award

14th of February "Ifta's 2009 awards"

more info ; http://www.ifta.ie/

Meryl streep nominated for "best international actress " for the movie "Mamma mia!"

Pantene are delighted to sponsor the Best International Actress Award, Pantene’s Brand Manager said: "Our actress nominees delivered some of the most outstanding performances seen on film in the last 12 months and really do reflect our philosophy of letting the best of you shine through"

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Brosnan ; Best Bikini Body celebtv.com

Check it out

Brosnan chosen as Best bikini Body @ celebtv.com


watch the video HERE

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