Brosnan happy to be working

Brosnan happy to be working

source ; http://www.nj.com by Stephen Whitty

He’s been Bond, James Bond — and Remington Steele, and the subject of countless fervid female fantasies.

And at 56, slim and elegant in a black suit, he could undoubtedly still kindle many more. His leading-man days are hardly behind him.

But currently, Pierce Brosnan is, as he likes to put it, a “working actor,” happily taking on a variety of character parts — a brave centaur in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” a duplicitous politician in Roman Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer,” a stubborn Brooklyn father in “Remember Me” — and, soon, a grieving parent in “The Greatest,” a “little jewel” of a movie he produced himself.

One recent afternoon in New York, an understandably exhausted Brosnan spoke easily about his busy schedule, his Irish childhood and fame. Even laughed about his singing in last year’s “Mamma Mia!” (“I was trying to woo back my lover with all my heartfelt yearnings. And people said, ‘Please put a bullet in that man and put him out of his misery!’ ”)

And when his cellphone rang, this multimillionaire “working actor” still briefly, politely, interrupted himself to check the caller ID.

“Sorry!” he said. “Could be a job!”

Q: It’s been a really wide range of parts for you, lately. In “Remember Me,” you’re this tough New York businessman.

A: Yes, this powerful, Donald Trump type. I’m very hard-nosed, separated from my wife — we’ve already lost one son to drugs, and I’m estranged from my other son, who’s played by Robert Pattinson. . . . It’s good. He’s very good in it, too. I’m so fond of Rob — this young fellow in the vortex of fame.

Q: And then in “The Ghost Writer,” you’re this politician facing a trial for war crimes. He’s a pretty shady character. And yet he gives a strong and rather stirring justification of himself at the end. He certainly doesn’t think he’s a villain.

A: Villains never do. There’s an ambivalence to him, and an ambivalence to his emotional heart. He’s a man who’s broken and hollowed out.

Q: There’s a bit of Beckett to that movie, isn’t there? This sort of absurdist tragedy, this Irish feeling of “Don’t worry — things will get worse.”

A: It is Beckett-like, isn’t it? I’ve been reading a bit of Beckett lately and you’re right: There is that desolation. But it is Polanski-esque, too. It’s Polanski with all guns blazing — the metaphor, the subterfuge, the malevolence, the claustrophobia, the orchestration of his own legend and history.

Q: In “Remember Me,” you play this very distant father of a troubled son. I know your own father took off when you were very young; your mother had to pretty much keep the family together. Growing up, do you think you took more of a lesson from your father on how not to behave? From your mother, on how you should?

A: Oh, God (long pause). I don’t know. I don’t know. Who knows what makes you what you are? Being Irish, being Catholic, that has something to do with who I am. A sense of aloneness as a young man, a fractured home life. Then the great clarity of a new beginning with my mother and my Scottish stepfather in London — but then, too, being an Irish lad in a big English metropolis, being an outsider, having to play the game to get along. All those things went to make me who I am. And then the gratitude — gratitude that I found a vocation in acting, that I was actually good at something when I was always being told I wasn’t good at anything.

Q: You’ve mentioned being impressed by how Rob Pattinson’s handling his fame. But you really had two waves of it, first with “Remington Steele” and then with the Bond films. Were the experiences very different, coming a decade or so apart?

A: “Remington,” that was just the golden opportunity to create a career and an American life. And it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t taken the leap and mortgaged my house for 2,000 pounds and caught a cheap flight out on Freddie Laker. That was the start. And Bond, Bond always came in and out of my life with drama.

Q: Since you left 007, though, you’ve been doing a wider range of parts than ever. In retrospect, was it good you got out of Bond? Was there a danger that his tuxedo was turning into a straitjacket?

A: Well, I was very aware of being within the confines of a very iconic character. I’d seen the men who’d gone before me, and I’d seen the careers that they had afterward and the lives that they had lived as actors. Now, Sean (Connery) was the man for me — he was the Bond of my generation and the only one that I wanted to try to emulate, but with the firm knowledge that I couldn’t do what he did, that I’d have to do what I do. But within my time of service to her majesty in that role, I always knew I wanted to have a career thereafter. And so, since then, that’s what I’ve been busy with. A working actor, just chipping away, chipping away.

Q: Role by role.

A: You know, it’s really as simple as that. Role by role. The scripts don’t come pouring in; I have to fight for every part. Sometimes, I wonder where my place in this town called Hollywood is — and that can give you a really dull headache. So you just get on with the job. You say to your agent, “I want to work. I need to work. I like to work. Find me good work.” And as you get older, you adjust accordingly, the confidence level increases — you know what has to be done, and if you’re not feeling the emotion at that exact moment on the set, well, you pretend. You just bloody act it. Because you’re a working actor, and hopefully at the end of the day, there’s a handful of films in a career that you can look at and say, that one, that was a great role. And it’s all mine

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exclusive Brosnan & McGregor CBS interview

Very nice Interview with Pierce & Mc Gregor about Bond,family,movies,spare time,etc...



Brosnan saves Uma Thurman

Brosnan "real-life Bond"

source ; http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/


Pierce Brosnan saved Uma Thurman from a runaway minivan.

The Irish actor, who was on location filming new movie 'Percy Jackson', spotted the out-of-control vehicle speeding down a hill straight towards his blonde co-star.

A source said: "No one was aboard the runaway van as it barrelled towards a grassy area where Uma was relaxing with cast and crew. Pierce yelled, 'Get out of the way!'

He raced after the van, wrenched open the driver's side door, jumped in and slammed on the brakes.

"He raced after the van, wrenched open the driver's side door, jumped in and slammed on the brakes."

Before the actor - who played iconic British spy James Bond in four movies - managed to stop the vehicle, it hit a curb and crashed into rubbish bins - sending cast and crew running in all directions to avoid the collision.

Hero of the day ; Pierce Brosnan Knipogen

discuss this news ; http://piercebrosnan.bbforum.be


"Brosnan in DC "video!!

"Brosnan in DC "video!!




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Brosnan in High-definition

USA TV - Pierce Brosnan era of 007 movies and new specials broadcast in HD in October

Pierce Brosnan's first three James Bond movies will be broadcast in the USA in high-definition next month. Premium channel MGM-HD will "GoldenEye", "Tomorrow Never Dies", and "The World Is Not Enough" in 1080i. MGM-HD broadcasts on DirecTV channel 255.

A new HD documentary titled "The Best of Bond" will be thrown in to the mix, as well as a promise of clips from the upcoming adventure "Quantum of Solace".

Wednesday 1st October 2008
19:00 - GoldenEye

Thursday 2nd October 2008
19:00 - Tomorrow Never Dies

Friday 3rd October 2008
19:00 - The World Is Not Enough

Saturday 4th October 2008
19:00 - GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough

Sunday 5th October 2008
19:00 - GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough

Monday 6th October 2008
14:30 - The Best of Bond

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P.B interview;Exit Bond, Enter ... ABBA?

Exit Bond, Enter ... ABBA?

source; http://www.rd.com/

He is cold and jet-lagged as we sit down in a cabana by the pool of a Los Angeles hotel. It's 70 degrees out, but Pierce Brosnan is desperate for a bowl of soup. This chill makes sense only when you consider that the place he calls home is a balmy Hawaiian oasis he shares with his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, and their two youngest sons, Dylan, 11, and Paris, 7.

Brosnan's denim shirt is unbuttoned just enough to reveal a strand of Tibetan beads, given to him years ago by a Buddhist monk during a turbulent flight. He wears the necklace for good luck whenever he flies. Raised Catholic on the Emerald Isle, he believes in the luck of the Irish. When you ask him if he's spiritual, he says, "I pray. And I pray there's a heaven!"

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The suave guy Brosnan played for seven years still shows in the actor's fine features and the grace with which he, well, eats a bowl of soup. While it used to be his martini that was shaken, not stirred, now, at 55, Brosnan has got something else shaking. In his new movie, Mamma Mia!, he sings, dances, and woos Meryl Streep. "There's a sequence when we're all wet," he says of the film inspired by the songs of Swedish pop group ABBA. "Meryl grabbed for my shirt and ripped off the buttons, at which point I grabbed her with the wildest embrace and relished every moment of it." Thank goodness, the ladies' man lives on.

Q. What drew you to this movie? A. My agent called and said, "Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia!," and I said, "I'm in!" I didn't even know who I was playing. I kept thinking, I want to work with this wonderful actress.

Q. How did you fare with all the singing you had to do for the role?
A. I've never done anything as orchestrated or musically complex in my life. At first, I just made noises. Then I went to London and trained in the studio with Benny [Andersson] and Bjõrn [Ulvaeus] from ABBA. My family let me know that they were very worried for Dad when they first heard Dad sing. But sing I did.

Q. I heard that for the dance routines, you wore tights.
A. No, we had the Mamma Mia! spandex fishtail flares and high-heel boots. I thought it was a hoot.

Q. Mamma Mia! is set in Greece, ABBA hails from Sweden, and you recently became a U.S. citizen. What drove that decision?
A. It was the pain that we've been living with since 9/11. I've been here 25 years. I've paid taxes. I wanted to have a voice.

Q. Have you held on to many of your Irish roots?
A. I'm very Americanized now. But the love of the country, the love of the land, and, I suppose, the religion live with me.

Q. Do you still practice the Catholicism you were reared with?
A. I was an altar boy. That never leaves you. So when there are churches around, I go to church. I just went yesterday. I also love the teachings of Buddhist philosophy. It's my own private faith. I don't preach it, but it's a faith that is a comfort to me when the night is long.

Q. Your father left when you were a toddler, and you were raised by relatives after your mother moved to London to go to nursing school. How did your childhood influence the father you've become?
A. My early childhood was very solitary. I was aware there wasn't a father figure, yet there was love there within a rather nomadic life, living with grandparents, an aunt, and an uncle before finally connecting with my mother. That said, I don't want my children to have that kind of life. I want them to feel like they belong and to know the love of family. It's what makes me tick. Having been a father for many years now, I'm very aware of how precious the time with my children is.

Q. Why did you and your family move from Los Angeles to Hawaii?
A. We went there thinking of the future, of a place to grow children. And it's a bit like Ireland with the heat turned up. It's got a mythology that fascinates me. Our home is a sanctuary, and Keely's a fantastic gardener. From weed and sand, she has cultivated Samoans, magnificent palm trees. We have fruit -- Meyer lemons, papayas, and mangoes. And bountiful gardenias where they said gardenias wouldn't grow.

Q. You and Keely were environmentalists long before it became fashionable. What's one green thing you do at home?
A. We have a compost bin. The boys know how to compost all the food, and it goes into the garden.

Q. Do you have other family rituals?
A. I make the kids pancakes in the morning. We have picnics. I'm learning how to surf with my boys. At their ages, they really want to rock.

Q. I've heard that you like to paint in your free time.
A. Yes. I find I do it best when I'm feeling out of sorts. And the boys and I paint together.

Q. Didn't you plan to be a painter before you became an actor?
A. I left school in England at 15 to draw and paint. My dream was to make album covers. I also did odd jobs like washing dishes, cleaning houses, and driving a cab. I didn't really dig that. I had a very bad sense of direction. I'd think, Oh dear, this is a challenge. Now we've got to drive. But once I found the world of theater, I was off to the races! And I have no plans of retiring. I will carry on making movies, being an actor, producing, or writing-or I'll make paintings.

Q. Are you an optimist?
A. Absolutely. You have to have hope. It's the only way to go on



P.B. interview "Parade.com"

Brosnan interview for "Parade"

 13th of June 2008

More P.B. Parade pictures ; click on the button on top of the page "P.B. pics"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Welcome to paradise!’ Pierce Brosnan lifts his glass to toast me and his wife of six years, Keely. We’re at their oceanfront Hawaiian home, dining on salade niçoise and pasta with locally grown mushrooms. The setting is stunning, and the views of nature are spectacular. Brosnan is not kidding about lifestyle on the north coast of Kauai being bliss. In this glamorous atmosphere, he is looking movie-star handsome in seersucker shorts and flip-flops, and Keely’s hair is still wet from a swim in the sea.

“Living here has been very insular and rewarding,” Brosnan says with a smile. “It has allowed me to be a father who can sit quietly with my two young sons, Dylan and Paris [ages 11 and 7]. I paint, and they paint. And we play guitar. We play ukulele. My wife is an ace gardener, and the kids get in the mud with her. You can have a very simple life here.”

His onscreen life has been very different, given that he seems to have spent much of it in a tuxedo. The ’80s TV series Remington Steele helped create his reputation as a suave rogue, and playing James Bond in four hit movies established Brosnan as a jet-setting ladies’ man. The Thomas Crown Affair also helped seal his image as a first-class man of style.

“It’s a hard game, the movie game,” he says, relaxed now, with his dog sleeping at his feet. “You’re judged constantly. You have to be as tough as old boots. You have to keep up as an actor—physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally—just to be there, because, when the opportunity comes around, the door can close so quickly. ‘Do you sing?’ Of course I sing. ‘Do you sky-dive?’ Of course I do. ‘Do you fight?’ Yeah. ‘Are you a lover?’ Are you kidding? ‘What are you?’ So that’s ingrained in me, as an actor, to be prepared, I suppose.”

But Brosnan wasn’t prepared when he got a phone call out of the blue about four years ago saying his tenure as 007 was done. Daniel Craig would take over the part of James Bond. “I didn’t see that coming,” he says. “I thought we were going to do a fifth film. And I was going to take a gracious bow off the stage. Instead of that, you are just told, ‘Goodbye.’ That’s the way it goes down in life. It’s as hard and as fast as that. I had done my contract. They had invited me back, and they changed their mind. It’s business.”

The implication was that Brosnan, now 55, was too old for the part. Women in the movie business are used to hearing that, but not a guy who’s still a leading man. “That was a shock, yes,” he says with a laugh. “I never thought of myself as being too old. It was startling to hear such things said about oneself, especially when you thought you were going down that particular avenue, and then the door gets slammed in your face.”

Shaken and stirred but not bitter, Brosnan now thinks passing the Bond baton was a blessing. “Oh, it turned out very lucky,” he says. “Within the space of the punch and the pain of being passed over or rejected or the bottom of your world falling out, within that same breath came this liberation of, ‘I’m free. I can do anything I want.’ It’s up to me to have the guts to make the next stage of my career as interesting and as exciting and unexpected as possible.”

 Brosnan has Always kept his career varied, taking on roles from suave to seedy. He’s shown his range in movies like Evelyn, The Matador, and Seraphim Falls. Soon we’ll see the biggest stretch of his career (think sparkly blue spandex bell bottoms), when he serenades Meryl Streep in the screen version of the popular musical Mamma Mia! It opens July 18.

Romance we expected, but declaring his love in song? You have to wonder if the prospect of belting out “S.O.S.” and those other very familiar ABBA songs was daunting. “Well, everybody has danced to this music,” says Brosnan, “so I just went for it. They said ‘Meryl Streep, filming in Greece all summer,’ and I said ‘yes.’ ” He shakes his head. “Not to say I wasn’t terrified to my core.”

Just picture Brosnan on the beach, singing to the waves along with his iPod. “I walked up and down the coast and sang karaoke to my own voice for about six weeks. Went to New York for the first rehearsals, and I sounded dreadful. I quietly freaked out, and with my new-found bravado, I made a pig’s ear of it. So I went back home and listened and sang some more.” He grins triumphantly. “In the end, they liked it so much they added a verse to my big song.”

The vocals were one kind of challenge. The costumes were even scarier. “It was a hoot,” he recalls. “To look at this outfit and say to yourself, ‘I’m going to put this on and walk out there in platform shoes and camp around singing.’ I
just told myself we were in too deep to go back.”

He chuckles. “You have to be able to make fun of your own dignity. You’ve got to let the movie make fun of your dignity. To let it rip is brilliantly exhilarating.”

Though he loves his laid-back life in Hawaii, Brosnan admits he’s ready to go back to the mainland. “I’m a worker,” he says. “Every job I got I had to fight for. I’ve been lucky, but I’ve worked hard at it. I love making movies. I love the adventure of being an actor. I have to stay sharp.”

Brosnan has lived the giant ups and downs of the Hollywood fantasy. Twenty-one years ago, his first wife, Cassandra Harris, became ill with ovarian cancer. Brosnan chose to put aside work and stay by her side through the ordeal. “That’s what we’re supposed to do,” he says. “We’re human beings. In sickness and in health, you know?” Her death was a giant loss to their son, Sean, who is now on his way to being an actor. (Brosnan also adopted Cassie’s two children by a previous husband.)

Brosnan defines himself as a “working actor” who’s never lost touch with the real side of life. “Having endured, I suppose, playing James Bond and not playing James Bond, that makes you thick-skinned,” he says. “But I had that skin beforehand anyway, because I had the philosophy that I was going to be successful and hopefully successful without being detrimental to myself as a person.

“You struggle with money. You struggle without money. You struggle with love. You struggle without love. But it’s how you manage. You have to keep laughing, you have to be fun to be with, and you have to live with style—not fancy-schmancy, but in a way which is present and meaningful and has some beauty to it.”

He leans forward with enthusiasm. “You’ve got to be a fighting rooster, man,” says Brosnan. “You’ve got to get out there and preen those feathers and look like you know what you’re doing and hope you know what you’re doing and have a good time.”

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Newsflash ;first pics of Vistula campaign



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