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Pierce Brosnan, and Other Activists to be Honored as Coastal


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The California coastline is nothing to be taken lightly. Spanning 1,110 miles and housing an array of aquatic life--cormorans, pelicans, sea otters, jellyfish, sea lions, gray and blue whales, seals, great whites sharks, just to name a few--it's one of the state's proudest attributes. Eighty percent of California's residents live within an hour's drive. It's highway, the scenic State Route One, is one of the most traveled roads in the country. Yes, people just can't seem to get enough of the California coast.

On Sept. 17, the California Coastal Commission and Sunset magazine combine forces to honor nine activists who put their heart and soul into preserving this coastine for future generations in honor of the upcoming California Coastal Cleanup Day.

Awards will be distributed in the Coastal Heroes Awards ceremony at San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Cleanup Day, which is officially celebrated on Sept. 19. The nine honorees are celebrity actor-and-journalist duo Pierce and Keely Brosnan; Serge Dedina, founder of Wildcoast; UC Santa Cruz Institue of Marine Sciences director, Gary Griggs; John Hanke, vice president of Google Maps & Earth; actress and activist, Julia Louis-Dreyfus; California State Senator, Alan Lowenthal; aquarium director Julie Packard; and California Coastkeeper Alliance director, Linda Sheehan.

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Brosnan protecting coast of Baja

Brosnan protecting coast of Baja

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Pierce Brosnan and wife Keely Shaye have joined with the Natural Resources Defense Council to win battles that include stopping the construction of a proposed salt factory on the Baja California peninsula, the last pristine breeding ground for the Pacific gray whale. Currently they and the NRDC are trying to stop the U.S. Navy's deployment of a new sonar system, which they contend threatens marine mammals.

Their reasons for trying to protect the ocean are basic. "We live by the sea and we enjoy that whole world," Brosnan says. Or as Shaye explains, "The ocean is responsible for a lot of our oxygen. Also, marine mammals are mascots of sorts. If we can't save them, what can we save?"

It's a planet in peril, but Brosnan sees hope in increased activism. "Fifteen years ago, it was almost a smear to be called an environmentalist. Now, it is palpable in every sense of the word of what's happening around us."

Susan Jordan

As director of the California Coastal Protection Network, Susan Jordan credits Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye with helping to prevent a liquefied natural gas terminal from being built 12 miles off the coast of Malibu. "I honestly feel if they had not gotten involved, 1) I'm not sure we would have won, and 2) we would not have been able to educate the public. They raised it to a national, as well as an international, issue." As Jordan explains, the facility was an obvious terrorist target due to the highly volatile and inflammable nature of liquid natural gas.

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