"Oceans" out today on Earth Day


out today "Earth Day" 2010

22nd of April

(narrated by ; Pierce Brosnan)



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Pierce Brosnan's Newsletter

Newsletter from Pierce

 source ; www.piercebrosnan.com

 Dear Friends,

Happy Earth Day.

In celebration of Earth Day, I thought it fitting to pay tribute to Fred Krupp and Mariam Horn's new book, EARTH: The Sequel (The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming). Fred and Mariam's message is profound; once effective federal legislation to cap global warming pollution and establish an emissions trading system is passed, the multi-trillion dollar race toward the new energy sector will be unleashed and thus there will be no need for mankind to continue denigrating our environment because of our fierce addiction to fossil fuel.

Environmental Defense Fund is a great organization and I urge you to visit their website www.edf.org to learn more.

Many of your e-mails have requested a top 10 list of “daily things to do” to promote environmental consciousness. I hope this list inspires you to find a number of ways to protect the planet that are meaningful to you.

1) Eat organic and buy fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese, eggs, honey and other food products at farmer’s markets which support local farmers and growers. No farms…no food.

2) Use eco-friendly products and services. Purchase all-natural, organic household cleaners, recycled paper products, organic cotton, and non-GMO food products. Locate an organic dry cleaner. Hire an eco-friendly gardening or car service.

3) Recycle everything possible, including printer cartridges, paper products, newspaper, plastic, glass, aluminum cans, cell phones, computers, etc... and cut paper consumption by using e-mail.

4) Give back – support individuals and organizations who are doing extraordinary work for our planet. Over the years The Brosnan Trust has distributed more than one million dollars to environmental organizations, schools, activists, women’s healthcare and various animal and children’s charities.

5) Plant an organic garden or a victory garden– for yourself or a friend and promote green living.

6) Compost kitchen scraps-- from banana peels to coffee grounds, and green waste. Purchase a rotating or stackable composter and start a green waste pile that can be used to fortify your garden naturally.

7) Promote environmental education. We currently fund environmental programs for kindergarten thru grade 12 (Roots and Shoots) in California and helped pass legislation which requires the state of California to design environmental curriculum for all its students.

8) Donate to off set your emissions (plant trees with Tree people; pay a carbon tax when traveling in environmentally sensitive areas, etc).

9) Design an eco friendly home that features energy efficient appliances, low flow and/or composting toilets, state of the art solar technology, recycled grey water, reclaimed hardwoods, and non-toxic paint and building materials.

10) Speak up -- use your voice and speak out about important environmental issues (examples over the past 13 years: stopping BHP’s LNG Terminal off the coast of Oxnard and Malibu, Mitsubishi from building a massive salt factory in Lagoon San Ignacio, protesting the US Navy harming whales with sonar and the French Government’s nuclear testing program in the South Pacific, promoting Dolphin Safe Tuna and supporting the Heritage Tree Bill.)

In the words of my dear friend Jane Goodall;

“Only if we understand can we care,

Only if we care will we help,

Only if we help shall all be saved.”

One person can and does make a difference. What kind of difference do you want to make?

The trailers for Mamma Mia are now playing in theaters. I hope the pure joy we all felt while making the movie shines through. Since the completion of Mamma Mia last fall I have been in Hawaii with my family, making the commute back and forth to Los Angeles and London for various meetings on future projects including the sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair.

On this Earth Day, I wish you and yours peace and joy.

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