Galaxy Fall/Winter 2009

Brosnan again for Galaxy

Fall/Winter campaign 2009

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Brosnan's fall greetings

Newsletter October 2008

Fall Greetings One and All,

What a joy it has been to watch Mamma Mia make so many people happy. Not a day goes by without someone saying they have seen it, not once but several times. Recently, I met an elegant and spry lady celebrating her 87th birthday and she told me she had seen the movie 9 times because it made her feel so happy. Her beautiful daughters and grandchildren were all nodding in agreement beside her. I don't think any of us thought Mamma Mia would touch so many people’s lives around the world. But it has, and I do believe it will continue to do so for many years to come. As the late great Sydney Pollack said to me one night at the Deauville Film Festival when I was promoting Thomas Crown... "Enjoy it, they don’t come round that often." He was right. (Now there’s a guy I would have loved to have worked with.)

I made an independent film over the summer with my company, Irish DreamTime, called The Greatest. The beautiful and talented Susan Sarandon joined first time writer/director Shana Feste and a young company of gifted actors to make a film which explores love, loss and the heartbeat of family life. Up next I will be making a movie with Roman Polanski called The Ghost. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle has been pushed to begin production in summer 2009 and The Thomas Crown Affair 2 will follow shortly thereafter.

This fall, change is in the air. Now more than ever we must have the courage to choose a leader who will bring us hope in this ever changing world. I am proud to be an American. I have been blessed to earn a good life here, to raise a family, and to be part of a country and a nation that I will always call home. I follow a long line of fellow Irish men and women who have come to this land to begin a new life. Whatever your choice, please vote on November 4th. To quote Malcolm Fraser:

"America remains the world’s best hope for a free and open and peaceful society."

Here's to unity, compassion between us all, and kindness.

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Brosnan Galaxy fall/winter 2008

Pierce Brosnan

Chosen again ...



for the new

Fall/ winter Collection2008


pierce brosnan,galaxy

pierce brosnan,galaxypierce brosnan,galaxy

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