Brosnan @ Jay Leno show "video"



 Brosnan @ Jay Leno show "video"



Brosnan @ Tonight show with Jay Leno

Brosnan @ The Tonight show with

Jay Leno

today 22nd of April

Pierce Brosnan 

 qoute from official Facebook page"

I'll be appearing on the Jay Leno show tomorrow night (Thursday) to promote the Disneynature film "Oceans" and talk about the proposed changes to the international bans on commercial whaling. Check your local listings for show times. PB x"

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Brosnan in line for Lotus Evora

Brosnan on waitinglist for " Lotus Evora"

source ; www.allworldcars.com

Lotus arguably reached the pinnacle of its Hollywood fame after the company’s Esprit landed a role in the 1990 film “Pretty Woman”, but it appears as though the British automaker is making a comeback with the Tinsel Town elite.

Lotus has offered two models in the U.S. for several years now – the Elise and Exige – but the two-seat sports cars never really struck a chord in Hollywood. While both models are extremely good cars, their difficult ingress/egress and bare-bones interiors don’t exactly make them the ideal cars for a red carpet entrance.However, now that Lotus has launched the Evora – a 2+2 coupe that offers more room and luxury amenities than either of Lotus’ current offerings – celebrities from around the world have signed up to take delivery of the new model. Some of the names on the wait list include Jay Leno, Pierce Brosnan, Beyoncé, George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Dave Grohl, Richard Hammond and James May.

Although the Evora will be a friendlier daily driver than the Elise or Exige, it hasn’t lost its track day roots. Thanks to an aluminum frame and a Toyota-sourced 276 horsepower 3.5L V6, the Evora should be just at home on a winding road course as it is on Hollywood Boulevard.

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