Mamma Mia! beats Titanic


Universal Picture's romantic musical comedy Mamma Mia! The Movie has become the highest grossing movie ever to be released in the UK. It has beaten Titanic which held the record since 1998.

To date Mamma Mia! The Movie has grossed £69, 066, 035 to date as compared with Titanic 's £69,025,646.

The record was broken a few days after the film picked up two Golden Globe nominations for best picture (musical or comedy) and best actress (musical or comedy) for star Meryl Streep.

David Kosse, president of Universal Pictures International said: "For Mamma Mia! The Movie to make history in this way and beat Titanic, which has held the record in the UK since 1998, is truly phenomenal. This film has exceeded our expectations and delighted audiences around the world since it opened in July. This box-office record is a tribute to producer Judy Craymer, director Phyllida Lloyd and our brilliant cast who worked so hard on this film."

Now in its 23rd week of release in the UK, Mamma Mia!The Movie has become the number one film of the year in 15 countries including Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Cyprus, Iceland, Slovenia and Sweden.

It recently crossed the $570 million mark worldwide becoming one of Universal's top grossing and most profitable movies ever.

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Mamma Mia brakes records


Mamma Mia brakes records

Domestic: $143,336,000
+ Foreign: $400,100,000
= Worldwide: $543,436,000

Screen Daily: Mamma Mia! crosses $400m international mark

Jeremy Kay in Los Angeles

19 Oct 2008

Abba movie Mamma Mia! passed another milestone in a phenomenal run in international markets, crossing the $400m mark.

Universal's dancing queens added $5.9m this weekend through UPI from 3,789 locations in 49 territories to reach $400.1m.

In so doing became it became Universal's second biggest international release behind Jurassic Park.

It is now the fourth biggest overseas hit of the year-to-date behind Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull on $466m, The Dark Knight on $464m and Kung Fu Panda on $418m.

This weekend Mamma Mia! opened at number one in Chile, Peru and Egypt and enjoyed a solid $1.4m hold in its third weekend in Italy from 284 venues to raise the tally to $7.5m.

In the UK the film added $620,000 (£360,000) from 331 sites in its 15th weekend to reach a sensational $126.1m (£65.8m) running total and is poised to overtake Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone's £66.1m total and become the second biggest release in the UK behind Titanic on £69m.

South Korea has generated $23.3m and Germany stands at $38.2m. There are four territories to go including Japan on January 30, 2009.

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Mamma Mia! recordbreaker

Mamma Mia! recordbreaker

strongest debut for a musical

There was another record-breaker at theaters this weekend

(weekend of 20th sept)

, and it didn't involve men in bat suits.

Mamma Mia!, the ABBA-inspired film starring Meryl Streep, quietly enjoyed the strongest debut for a musical. If estimates hold, Mamma Mia!'s $27.6 million opening will squeak by Hairspray, which set the mark last year with $27.5 million.

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