Brosnan helps ending killing whales


Brosnan helps ending killing whales


The Obama Administration is backing a deadly deal that would make it legal once again to kill whales for profit. Please call on the President to reverse course,” explains Pierce Brosnan.

Help OO7! To the rescue James Bond! Brosnan is saving the whales and needs our collective help. Assist Pierce and his campaign with Natural Resources Defense Council to stop the International Whaling Commision (IWC) and their nightmare commercial whaling proposal. Please help stop the IWC and their attempts to reverse nearly three decades of progress to “save the whales.” Let’s have a say in international law, as now we have an opportunity to join together and become the voices for the whales. Please help us put an end to commercial whaling. Keep reading to see the letter Pierce sent me today together with NRDC to help stop the killing of whales for profit.

Here is the letter:

Dear Lucille,
I was appalled to hear — on Earth Day of all days — that the International Whaling Commission has put forward a deal that would legalize commercial whaling for the first time in a generation.

Even worse, the Obama Administration has backed this deadly proposal, which would suspend the international ban on whaling and make it legal once again to kill whales for profit. During his campaign, President Obama promised America he would oppose the killing of these magnificent creatures. It’s time for you and me to hold him to that promise.

Please call on the White House to oppose any deal that would legitimize the hunting and killing of whales.

Obama Administration officials claim that the IWC deal would be a “step forward” for whales because it could rein in Japan, Iceland and Norway, which have killed thousands of whales since 1986 by exploiting loopholes in the whaling ban.

But, in fact, this new deal is a giant step backward. It rewards those three nations for years of defying international law. It does their bidding by suspending the whaling ban for 10 years. It opens up the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to whaling. And it will not stop them from trading in whale meat or killing whales under legal loopholes like “scientific permits.”

Don’t believe for a minute that this kind of deal would phase down whaling. Instead, it would breathe new life into a dying industry. Worst of all, the deal gives moral cover to the absurd notion that we can save whales by killing them — instead of by banning their slaughter. There is no moral justification for killing whales. There is no scientific justification for killing whales.

And if the Obama Administration persists in supporting a deal that encourages the killing of whales, it will tarnish not only the White House but our entire nation.

Please join me in telling President Obama to vigorously oppose this deal and instead push for a deal that closes the loopholes and ends commercial whaling once and for all!

Thanks to the efforts of NRDC, you and I have prevailed so many times in defense of our planet’s whales. We saved the gray whale’s last untouched nursery in Mexico’s San Ignacio Lagoon against Mitsubishi’s plans for industrialization. And we reined in the Navy’s use of dangerous sonar systems around marine mammals. Now, with our own government supporting an unthinkable deal that would legalize the commercial killing of whales, we must unite again and say: Not on our watch!

I hope you’ll make your own voice heard inside the White House today. Thank you.


Pierce Brosnan
Natural Resources Defense

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"Heaven and earth" more info about stop

Heaven and earth set to a halt


source ; moneyweb

Filming on a romantic epic called Heaven and Earth which was set to star Pierce Brosnan and Californication star Natasha McElhone, has ground to a halt despite elaborate sets being built in Cape Town for the R200m plus epic romantic biopic.

Local and international news reports have laid the blame on "the credit crunch" and "cash-flow problems" but inside sources say that the real problem was a bungled effort to raise funds timeously. The film is a collaboration between Focus Films from the UK and Spier Films in South Africa.

"Basically Spier Films was supposed to be the SA production company and Focus Films was to have brought some of the money and skills. We hear that Pierce Brosnan was signed to play the lead in December at price tag of a EUR2,5m," said a British crew member from Cape Town who did not want to be named.

"Most of the crews haven't been paid for the last three weeks, and they have been working in good faith. We were supposed to start shooting last Thursday, and we already had a full and very elaborate set. Natasha has been out here for two weeks doing dancing lessons and getting horse riding lessons. The film was pulled literally as the cameras were about to start to roll," the crew member said.

"There are a lot of local hire and production support companies that are now out of money because they offered services and products to the makers of the film because of their names and on good faith. None of this has been paid for."

It appears that the film has stalled because of a lack of bridging finance, which was due to come from the IDC.

When approached for comment on this matter the IDC replied: "According to Basil Ford, head of media & motion pictures: The IDC did not consider the project for funding as we were not given sufficient time, we received the application a week before the movie was scheduled to start shooting."

Crew members were called into a meeting last week Friday where they were told by one of the films producers David Pupkewitz of Focus Films UK "The funds have been totally exhausted. There is nothing left."

Industry sources say that the film could leave a trail of debt. In the meeting Pupkewitz put the figure for current debt at R6m, but on set sources say that this will be as high as R10m when the full tally is done.

A synopsis of the film was available for view on Focus Films' website, but following a story in Independent's Tonight, this was pulled from the company's filmography.

Speaking from Spier Film's offices in Cape Town, Pupkewitz said that they hadn't closed the paperwork on financing. "We had a short period to do this because Pierce Brosnan was only signed in December, so we could only started on financing before the new year. The production got ahead of the paperwork. We did pump in over $1m dollars, but we couldn't go into filming before the main funding came through."

"The talent are now so emotionally invested that they want to continue with the film. We have had a look at scheduling and we will have to look at Brosnan and McElhone's schedule and are hoping that the best critical path would be to start up in a month's time."

When asked why the application for funding was put through to the IDC so late, Pupkewitz said: "I don't want to comment on the IDC because it doesn't serve us and it is a hornet's nest. Parties are very sensitive to criticism in South Africa. I don't think it is right to comment there because it can hurt our cause. I am the UK co-producer. It is the SA co-producers' responsibility to raise local funding. The application was submitted by Spier Films. To date we haven't received any cash flow from South Africa."

The management of Spier Films were not available for comment this morning.