200.000 visitors

Hello Brosnanfans!!!!

Thank you all

for those many visits


200.000 visitors

WOW thank you!!!

don't forget to register on my Pierce Brosnan forum :-)



 greetz Brosnangirl




Brand new pic of the month

Hello Brosnanfans,

Sorry I'm so late for the new pic of the month .

I hope you like it , to find out click on the button on top of the page "PIC OF THE MONTH" you will be directed to the brand new pic.

I also would like to thank the many fans ,for the e-mails they sent and the messages in the guestbook from Cape Town,Sri Lanka,Los Angeles,and other place around the globe....

thanks for the great replies ;-)

please keep comming back and don't hesitate to register on my Brosnan forum


ps; have a nice weekend


50.000 visitors


Thx for the 50.000 visitors!!!

thank you all

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49.000 visitors & more

Thx for the 49.000 visitors &

more ....

 thank you all!

greetz Brosnangirl Cool


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