Brosnan saves Uma Thurman

Brosnan "real-life Bond"

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Pierce Brosnan saved Uma Thurman from a runaway minivan.

The Irish actor, who was on location filming new movie 'Percy Jackson', spotted the out-of-control vehicle speeding down a hill straight towards his blonde co-star.

A source said: "No one was aboard the runaway van as it barrelled towards a grassy area where Uma was relaxing with cast and crew. Pierce yelled, 'Get out of the way!'

He raced after the van, wrenched open the driver's side door, jumped in and slammed on the brakes.

"He raced after the van, wrenched open the driver's side door, jumped in and slammed on the brakes."

Before the actor - who played iconic British spy James Bond in four movies - managed to stop the vehicle, it hit a curb and crashed into rubbish bins - sending cast and crew running in all directions to avoid the collision.

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Brosnan as "Greek God"

'Percy Jackson': Pierce Brosnan and Uma Thurman join the cast


Pierce Brosnan and Uma Thurman will play Greek gods in Percy Jackson, the Fox 2000 adaptation of Rick Riordan's best-selling children's series directed by Chris Columbus, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sean Bean, Kevin McKidd, and Melina Kanakaredes have also be added to the cast, joining leads Logan Lerman (3:10 to Yuma), Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder), and Alexandra Daddario. Percy Jackson is an adaptation of the series' first novel, The Lightning Thief, about a boy (Lerman) who discovers he is the son of Poseidon. Fox is aiming for a February 2010 release. Riordan's fifth and final book in the series, The Last Olympian, is due in stores in May.

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