Brosnan helps ending killing whales


Brosnan helps ending killing whales


The Obama Administration is backing a deadly deal that would make it legal once again to kill whales for profit. Please call on the President to reverse course,” explains Pierce Brosnan.

Help OO7! To the rescue James Bond! Brosnan is saving the whales and needs our collective help. Assist Pierce and his campaign with Natural Resources Defense Council to stop the International Whaling Commision (IWC) and their nightmare commercial whaling proposal. Please help stop the IWC and their attempts to reverse nearly three decades of progress to “save the whales.” Let’s have a say in international law, as now we have an opportunity to join together and become the voices for the whales. Please help us put an end to commercial whaling. Keep reading to see the letter Pierce sent me today together with NRDC to help stop the killing of whales for profit.

Here is the letter:

Dear Lucille,
I was appalled to hear — on Earth Day of all days — that the International Whaling Commission has put forward a deal that would legalize commercial whaling for the first time in a generation.

Even worse, the Obama Administration has backed this deadly proposal, which would suspend the international ban on whaling and make it legal once again to kill whales for profit. During his campaign, President Obama promised America he would oppose the killing of these magnificent creatures. It’s time for you and me to hold him to that promise.

Please call on the White House to oppose any deal that would legitimize the hunting and killing of whales.

Obama Administration officials claim that the IWC deal would be a “step forward” for whales because it could rein in Japan, Iceland and Norway, which have killed thousands of whales since 1986 by exploiting loopholes in the whaling ban.

But, in fact, this new deal is a giant step backward. It rewards those three nations for years of defying international law. It does their bidding by suspending the whaling ban for 10 years. It opens up the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to whaling. And it will not stop them from trading in whale meat or killing whales under legal loopholes like “scientific permits.”

Don’t believe for a minute that this kind of deal would phase down whaling. Instead, it would breathe new life into a dying industry. Worst of all, the deal gives moral cover to the absurd notion that we can save whales by killing them — instead of by banning their slaughter. There is no moral justification for killing whales. There is no scientific justification for killing whales.

And if the Obama Administration persists in supporting a deal that encourages the killing of whales, it will tarnish not only the White House but our entire nation.

Please join me in telling President Obama to vigorously oppose this deal and instead push for a deal that closes the loopholes and ends commercial whaling once and for all!

Thanks to the efforts of NRDC, you and I have prevailed so many times in defense of our planet’s whales. We saved the gray whale’s last untouched nursery in Mexico’s San Ignacio Lagoon against Mitsubishi’s plans for industrialization. And we reined in the Navy’s use of dangerous sonar systems around marine mammals. Now, with our own government supporting an unthinkable deal that would legalize the commercial killing of whales, we must unite again and say: Not on our watch!

I hope you’ll make your own voice heard inside the White House today. Thank you.


Pierce Brosnan
Natural Resources Defense

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Brosnan @ Jay Leno show "video"



 Brosnan @ Jay Leno show "video"



Video "Coastal awards"


 Video "Coastal awards"

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Brosnan's IFAW speech in DC

Brosnan's IFAW speech in DC

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Brosnan bonds over Whales


Brosnan bonds over Whales

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source ; threehugger.com

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Pierce Brosnan continued his environmental assault on Washington yesterday with a visit to the White House and a mixer for members of Congress to boost a new bill on whale preservation.

"In spite of the existence of a moratorium on commercial whaling, the setting of whaling quotas is now completely in the hands of the whalers," the former "James Bond" actor told an audience at an event organized by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, at the Capitol Visitor's Center. "The rest of the world has no say whatsoever in it."

Japan, Norway, Iceland
The bill, called the International Whale Conservation and Protection Act of 2009 ,calls for the U.S. to strengthen whale preservation across relevant government agencies and to pressure the world's whaling countries -- Japan, Norway and Iceland -- to cease whaling.

"Normally on most issues with the United States, including on environmental issues, these three coutnries are fairly much in lock-step, but on this one issue they're not," said Jeffrey Flocken, the D.C. office director for IFAW. "So it makes it somewhat difficult but it also presents an opportunity -- can we play to our goodwill in these other areas of environmental cooperation to push them on the whaling issue?"

The three countries, led by Japan, have blocked efforts to lower whale quotas and have ignored an international ban on whaling that has been in place since 1982. Norway and Iceland (with some hesitation) have both claimed a reservation to the moratorium, while Japan has insisted that it is exempt because its whaling is done as "scientific research."

With the failings of international agreements and diplomatic complaints, some environmental groups have resorted to extreme measures to halt whaling ships. Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd regularly attempt to intercept whaling missions with their own vessels.

The bill would also tackle an exemption to the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, afforded to the Department of Defense when it engages in oceanic activities with submarines and sonar. Under the bill, the President, not the secretary of defense, would have authority to make those exemptions.

Last year, the Supreme Court overturned a restriction by the state of California on the Navy's use of sonar, ruling that Navy operations took precedence over the health of whales, dolphins and seals, for whom sonar can cause hearing loss, disorientation and beaching.

"The domestic side of the legislation may prove most challenging," said Nathan Herschler, a legal fellow with IFAW.

But reaffirming the country's position on whaling would be the bill's major thrust.

"We would hope the United States could take a lead on the international side of this, take a lead on the International Whaling Comission, and that other countries would follow that lead," said Herschler.

White House Support
Brosnan, accompanied by his wife TK and officials from IFAW, visited the White House to speak to cabinet members responsible for environmental and marine policy. President Obama, who spent the early afternoon announcing landmark fuel standards, did not attend the meeting.

"Ironically, the President couldn't meet today with Pierce Brosnan and his wife because he was focused on CAFE standards," Congressman William Delahunt (D-MA) told TreeHugger. "While they may not immediately appear to be synergistic, if you step back and look at what we're doing, we're treating Mother Earth with respect.

"Any marine ecosystem that exists without the whales is diminished," he added. "This is one piece of a very large effort."

Delahunt said he was optimistic that legislation to protect whales would fare well in the House, where another co-sponsor of the bill, Eni Faleomavaega (D-AS), chairs the natural resources committee. And he was confident that the President would sign it. "But I can't speak for the Senate," he said.

He suggested that the legislation was coming at an appropriate time, as the House discussed the American Clean Energy and Security Act and the new administration signaled stronger environmental protections.

"[The bill] would accomplish the closing of those loopholes that have allowed for interpretation of scientific research to really transform itself into commercial whaling," said Delahunt, before returning to an evening mark-up of the House energy bill.

He's Irish -- But He Loves Whales
Brosnan, who spoke at an Environmental Protection Agency hearing on Monday, rhapsodized on the connection between whale protection, efforts to fight climate change and "the interconnectedness of life."

"There's a certain synchronicity to our being here, a charming one, and hopefully a profitable one, a good one," he said. "Testifying before the EPA. Saving the whales. That is connected. That is our earth. Our earth many people believe is in jeapoardy. I have a great fondness for this earth. Clean water, mountains. Good fishing, et cetera. They seem to go hand in hand."

"Today was a step in the right direction -- historic, uplifiting, long overdue," Brosnan told me later, referring to the President's new automobile standards amidst the House's ongoing discussion. "We have fresh hope, fresh enthusiasm, that everybody wants to do good things for this planet and for our children. I'm not really a political animal so I can't speak beyond that."

Fifty-six-year-old Brosnan has been a regular champion of green issues and has worked on the issue of whale protection for over a decade, he said. He regularly takes part in campaigns with his wife Keely Shaye Smith, an environmentalist who had "been a great champion and inspiration to me."

Brosnan was joined by his wife and "Hardball" host Chris Matthews, who is a board member at IFAW.

During a lull in a press conference earlier, a Washington Times reporter asked Brosnan if he thought Moby Dick should be banned.

"How could you ban Melville?" the Irish-born actor intoned. "Read it. Read the prose."

Wearing a blazer and open collar worthy of "007," Brosnan was a picture of Hollywood cool. Someone else wondered how James Bond would save the whales. Brosnan quipped, "You'll have to ask Daniel Craig."

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"Brosnan in DC "video!!

"Brosnan in DC "video!!




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Brosnan @ "White House"


Brosnan @ "White House"

Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye-Smith were snapped leaving the West Wing of the White House shortly before noon today after receiving their first tour of the White House and meeting with staff to discuss the preservation of whales, reports Politico.

Brosnan, global ambassador of whale conservation campaigns for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), said he didn't meet President Barack Obama but was impressed by his first glimpse inside the White House. "I've always viewed it from afar so to be in the hallowed halls was ... truly an honor,” he said.

MORE PICS @ http://piercebrosnan.bbforum.be

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"Whaledreamers" website online!

"Whaledreamers" site online


with appearances of Pierce Brosnan

vote now to get this movie to your country

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Brosnan protecting coast of Baja

Brosnan protecting coast of Baja

source ; variety.com

Pierce Brosnan and wife Keely Shaye have joined with the Natural Resources Defense Council to win battles that include stopping the construction of a proposed salt factory on the Baja California peninsula, the last pristine breeding ground for the Pacific gray whale. Currently they and the NRDC are trying to stop the U.S. Navy's deployment of a new sonar system, which they contend threatens marine mammals.

Their reasons for trying to protect the ocean are basic. "We live by the sea and we enjoy that whole world," Brosnan says. Or as Shaye explains, "The ocean is responsible for a lot of our oxygen. Also, marine mammals are mascots of sorts. If we can't save them, what can we save?"

It's a planet in peril, but Brosnan sees hope in increased activism. "Fifteen years ago, it was almost a smear to be called an environmentalist. Now, it is palpable in every sense of the word of what's happening around us."

Susan Jordan

As director of the California Coastal Protection Network, Susan Jordan credits Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye with helping to prevent a liquefied natural gas terminal from being built 12 miles off the coast of Malibu. "I honestly feel if they had not gotten involved, 1) I'm not sure we would have won, and 2) we would not have been able to educate the public. They raised it to a national, as well as an international, issue." As Jordan explains, the facility was an obvious terrorist target due to the highly volatile and inflammable nature of liquid natural gas.

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NRDC is the nation's most effective environmental action organization. We use law, science, and the support of more than 1 million members and online activists to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things. Worth Magazine has named NRDC one of America's 100 best charities, and Charity Navigator has given NRDC four stars (out of a possible four).

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IFAW save Whales add

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